Sophie Gralton

"Twins" L/E Giclee print

L/E Giclee print

"Home Knit" L/E Print

“Home Knit” L/E Print

"Stay With Me Forever, My Darling" L/E Print

“Stay With Me Forever, My Darling” L/E Print

"When One Stands By Oneself" L/E Print

“When One Stands By Oneself” L/E Print

"The Wishing Chair" L/E Print

“The Wishing Chair” L/E Print

"Finders Keepers" L/E Print

“Finders Keepers” L/E Print

"The Constant Reminder" Original oil on canvas, 120x150cm

“The Constant Reminder” Original oil on canvas, 120x150cm

"Paused", Original canvas SOLD, available as L/E Print

“Paused”, Original canvas SOLD, available as L/E Print

Sophie Gralton"Boy in His Brother's Shirt"

Sophie Gralton
“Boy in His Brother’s Shirt”

"Past and Present" L/E Giclee print

“Past and Present”
L/E Giclee print


“Release”, L/E Print

"Reclining Muse"

“Reclining Muse”, L/E Print

"At Dawn's Breath"

“At Dawn’s Breath”, L/E Print

"The Accomplice"

“The Accomplice”, L/E Print

"The Hail Spot Stockings" Image size: 40 x 51cm

“The Hail Spot Stockings”
L/E Print, Image size: 40 x 51cm

"The Littlest Rider"

“The Littlest Rider”, L/E Print

"Her Mother's Keeper"

“Her Mother’s Keeper”, L/E Print

"In Her Lilac Smock"

“In Her Lilac Smock” Original canvas, 120x150cm, Oil on canvas


“Corsage”, Original painting, Oil on wood, 70x90cm

"Boy and Companion"

“Boy and Companion”, L/E Print

"Old Souls"

“Old Souls”, L/E Print

"When She Was Four"

“When She Was Four”, Original oil on wood, 70x90cm

"Wonderland" 90 x 90cm

“Wonderland” L/E Print

"Boy in a Striped Scarf"

“Boy in a Striped Scarf” L/E Print

"I Am Big Now"

“I Am Big Now” Original oil on canvas, 120x150cm

"Girl in the Pistachio Dress"

“Girl in the Pistachio Dress” L/E Print

"Girl with Streels Thread"

“Girl with Streels Thread” L/E Print

"Boy in Hand Me Downs"

“Boy in Hand Me Downs” L/E Print

"The World is Her Oyster II"

“The World is Her Oyster II” Original oil on Canvas, 120x150cm

"Girl and Her Budgie"

“Girl and Her Budgie” L/E Print

Untitled 8_eq

The Reluctant Performer

“The Reluctant Performer” L/E Print

The Reliable Companions

“The Reliable Companions” Original oil on canvas, 140x140cm

The Party Dress

“The Party Dress”, Original oil and encaustic on wood, 80x90cm

The Memory Keeper

“The Memory Keeper” L/E Print

Rightful Place II

“Rightful Place II” L/E Print

Red Scooter

“Red Scooter” Original oil on canvas, 120x150cm

Mindful Boy

“Mindful Boy” L/E Print

Her Mother's Keeper

“Her Mother’s Keeper” L/E Print

"Somebody's Boy" L/E Print

“Somebody’s Boy” L/E Print


Sophie Gralton: The Artist

Sophie Gralton spent her childhood growing up in scenic rural Victoria. As the middle child of five siblings, her everyday life was noisy, active, and exciting and it is this time that holds many happy memories for Sophie and inspires much of her artwork.

“In today’s era of sleek minimalism, designer kitchens and crisply sterile modernism, I mourn for a time when children could remember what it was like to have milk bottles with foil tops, a baker that delivered to your home and the Postie riding a bike. In my own childhood in the country, our milk was delivered by horse and cart. That era has gone  – and I want to capture now the childhood that my own children are experiencing by incorporating in my artwork, pieces of memorabilia of this current generation.”            

Sophie Gralton           

Sophie Gralton’s genre paintings are loosely based on 17th Century Dutch portrait of children painted at that time. She uses Australian models, often her own children, and often wearing garments reminiscent to hers as a child. 

Sophie’s works include mixed media such as old linoleum, manila tags, children’s’ story books and postage stamps, which are directly applied to the canvas. Her works intentionally never  reveal the eyes, so as to keep them as fleeting impressions of childhood as opposed to portraits with specific identities. This way, the viewer is able to find elements of their own childhood in her works. It is also becoming her trademark, and one that she has become well recognized for, having had sell out shows for several years now.

Sophie studied fashion and textile design at Sydney College of the Arts and worked for five years as a textile designer. She then studied at the National Arts School  (Sydney) and graduated in 1996 with a degree in Fine Arts. She has been working as a successful artist since.           

Selected Exhibitions:

2012            Mad Show, Gallery Aloft, Sydney

2012            Offspring, Gallery One Southport,  QLD

2012            Residency in Printmaking, Scopelos, Greece

2011            A Child Most Likely,Tusk Gallery, South Yarra

2011            Art Melbourne, Sophie Gralton & Suey McEnnally

2011            Wonderland, Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong

2008            Lostalgia, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

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