Ralf Kempken

"W-Class trams", various colours, 90x90cm.

“W-Class trams”, various colours, 90x90cm each

"Changes II" 180x105cm

“Changes II” 180x105cm

"A Melbourne Journey", 200x120cm

“A Melbourne Journey”, 200x120cm

Left: "Formation" Hand cut fabric 180x180cm Right: "Dream Screen" 120x180cm

Left: “Formation” Hand cut fabric 180x180cm
Right: “Dream Screen” Hand cut paper 120x180cm

"Melbourne Coffee Grid #4" 150x90cm

“Melbourne Coffee Grid #4” 150x90cm

Ralf Kempken: The Artist


Ralf Kempken has been documenting Melbourne’s inner city urban landscape through screens and multi-layered stencils for over 10 years.

Even though the artwork is executed in the contemporary medium of aerosol enamel and multi layered stencils, the images are infused with a sense of nostalgia and of time passing.

The underlying concept has always been that we filter all we see through past experiences and memories. We all screen and frame our personal view of the world and with this in mind the stencils have turned into screens.

Ralf’s iconic trams and Melbourne imagery also featured on his “Mali in the city” sculpture, installed in the CBD during August and September 2012. This was part of the Melbourne Zoo’s 150th birthday celebrations which included the installation of fifty fiberglass elephant sculptures, painted, welded or knitted by local artists in Melbourne’s CBD district. In October these elephants returned to the Zoo and were auctioned off with proceeds going to wildlife conservation programs. Ralf’s sculpture achieved the record price of $28 000 for the night!

Ralf has exhibited in over 11 solo exhibitions and over 30 group exhibitions around Australia. Most recently, he won the Flanagan Art Prize for August 2013.

Solo Exhibitions:

2013   Stencils to Screens, Hawthorn Studio Gallery, Hawthorn East

2013   City Loop, St. Heliers Gallery, Abbotsford Convent

2012   Unknown, c3 contemporary art space, Abbotsford Convent

2011   Lines, Sticks & Leaves, St. Heliers Gallery, Abbotsford Convent

2010 – Filter, Ochre gallery, Collingwood

2009 – Looking In, Gallery Ranfurlie, Glen Iris

2009 – Now Screening, famouswhendead gallery, North Melbourne

2008 – c3 contemporary art space launch, Abbotsford convent

2008 – Interface, Powerhouse Arts Centre, Brisbane

2008 – Marios, Fitzroy

2008 – Interface, gallery launch, famouswhendead gallery, Melbourne

2005 – Marios, Fitzroy

2005 – Fitzroy galleries, Fitzroy

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