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Melissa Read Devine


“Regeneration” 60x50cm

"The Picnic" #1, 76x183cm, triptych

“The Picnic” #1, 76x183cm, triptych

"The Picnic" #2, 76x183cm, triptych

“The Picnic” #2, 76x183cm, triptych

"The Picnic" #3, 76x183cm, triptych

“The Picnic” #3, 76x183cm, triptych

"Waterbird" Framed 76x102cm

“Waterbird” Framed 76x102cm



"Hillside XX"

“Hillside XX”

"Flannel Quartet"

“Flannel Quartet”

"Rock Orchid"

“Rock Orchid”





"The Shawl"

“The Shawl” 76x76cm

View Melissa’s collection at Tusk Gallery here: http://www.tuskartists.com/mellissa-read-devine.html


Melissa Read-Devine: The Artist


Mellissa was born in England in the 1960s but emigrated to Australia as a child with her family. She spent much of her childhood & early adulthood immersed in books, daydreaming, or drawing – interests which have led to her thriving art career.

Living in rural Sydney overlooking the Hawkesbury River, Mellissa’s work ranges from vibrant interpretations of her local landscape to intricate wood & linocuts. Reminiscent of the painting technique of Pointillism developed by the great Impressionists, Melissa’s works completely envelop the viewer, invoking different feelings and responses.

Melissa elaborates in her own words here:

“The more trees and rocks the better. I love the process of painting – a dance of brushstrokes across a large canvas, representing light, movement and joy.” – Melissa Read Devine –

She has studied & practiced printmaking and painting successfully for the past 14 years and is a recipient of many prizes and awards. Her artworks have been part of many private and public collections around the world.

A founding member of the Hawkesbury Artisans Trail, Mellissa continues to work promoting creativity in the local community and works as an artist, tutor & illustrator.


Selected Exhibitions:


2013 Group show, “Natural Elements”, Tusk Gallery Melbourne

2011 Art Melbourne 2011

2011 “Elemental Matters: Artists Imagine Chemistry” Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Solo – “Looking for the Forest” Washhouse Gallery Rozelle

2010 Northbridge Art Prize

2009 Festival of Fishers Ghost, Campbelltown Arts Centre

2009 Grabados Por La Paz 2009 (Prints for Peace) Monterrey, Mexico

2009 Compact Prints -KickArts Contemporary Arts Gallery, Cairns

2009 Camberwell Art Show (2010 and 2011 also)

2009 “Wax, Paint & Print” Ferry Artists Gallery, Wisemans Ferry

2009 Compact Prints – Studio Paradiso, Sandon VIC

2009 International Printmaking Collective 2009 org by Arte/Desarrollo Humano in Monterrey NL México

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