Lisa Morgan

These are the paintings by Lisa Morgan that are still available. If you want to see more of her back catalogue go to and click on tusk artists.

"The Turquoise Sea" 120x90cm

“The Turquoise Sea”
120x90cm SOLD

"Who Said The Night is Always Darkest" 160x80cm (biio)

“Who Said The Night is Always Darkest” 160x80cm (biio) AVAILABLE

"Against the Water, Above the Mountains" 180x120cm, diptych, Acrylic on canvas

“Against the Water, Above the Mountains” 180x120cm, diptych, Acrylic on canvas SOLD

"Noosa Woods"

“Noosa Woods” 120x150cm (biio) SOLD

"Tangled" 120x160cm (bioo)

120x160cm (biio) SOLD

"Haiku" 120x150cm (biio)

“Haiku” 120x150cm SOLD

Lisa Morgan: The Artist

Lisa Morgan

Lisa’s paintings are a study of beauty and colour, a study of the light and the vibrancy of her surroundings where she currently lives on the Sunshine Coast.

“Birds, and particularly trees, bring such joy to my vista on a daily basis and for this reason I also love to incorporate them into my work”.

“I enjoy weaving figures, mostly women, through a painting but often put the shadow of a man alongside which somehow brings me face to face with a woman’s reality…that of many journeys and numerous farewells…be it with lovers, children, friends or someone who has been significant to my life”.

Art Shine recently interviewed Lisa. Read the interview transcript here:


2010 – Carringtons Gallery

2009 – Chocol’art, Noosa

2006 – Pure Blanc, Hastings Street, Noosa Heads

2005 – Chocol’art, Montville

2003 – Homewares on Main, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise

2001 – On the River, Noosa


2013 Winner, Mixed Media, Immanuel Arts Festival

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