Felicia Aroney

"Red Wren" 83x83cm

“Red Wren”

"Let's Talk About It" 83cmx83cm

“Let’s Talk About It”

"Chilling Out #2", 102x102cm (bbeo)

“Chilling Out #2”, 102x102cm (bbeo)

102x102cm (bbeo)

102x102cm (bbeo)

102x102cm (bbeo)

102x102cm (bbeo)

102x102cm (bbeo)

102x102cm (bbeo)

"And All That Jazz" 102x102cm $1450

“And All That Jazz”
102x102cm SOLD

"Flying High" 153x153cm

“Flying High”

"Three Red Wrens" 122x122cm

“Three Red Wrens”

"Looking the Other Way" 102x102cm

“Looking the Other Way” 102x102cm

"Busy in Thought" 102x102cm

“Busy in Thought”
102x102cm SOLD

"Really, Don't You Say?" 102x102cm

“Really, Don’t You Say?”
102x102cm SOLD

"Sapphire" 122x122cm

“Sapphire” 122x122cm SOLD

"Bird on the Beach" 153x122cm

“Bird on the Beach” 153x122cm

"Blue Tree" 102x102cm

“Blue Tree” 102x102cm

"Five Red Apples and Bowl" 51x41cm

“Five Red Apples and Bowl” 51x41cm

"Three Pears on Linen I" 30x36cm

“Three Pears on Linen I” 30x36cm

"Three Green Pears on Red" 30x35cm

“Three Green Pears on Red” 30x35cm SOLD

"Alfred" 46x46cm

“Alfred” 46x46cm SOLD

"Rupert" 46x46cm

“Rupert” 46x46cm SOLD

"Lexi" 46x46cm

“Lexi” 46x46cm SOLD

Felicia Aroney: The Artist


Born in Western Australia, from a Greek family, Felicia’s greatest influences are drawn from the fusion of her rich Australian upbringing and her European background.

Combining a feeling of rustic antiquity akin to aged historic ruins and the great Australian environment she creates richly textured and unique paintings. In addition, the beautiful animated Fairy Wrens, an Australian garden bird, are incorporated into her works giving them a gentle beauty.

Felicia elaborates here in her own words:


“My fascination of old damaged walls and the appearance of ancient ruins; alongside with my interest in the dynamic Australian Fairy wren birds have shaped my art.”

 – Felicia Aroney –

Felicia’s love of Australian indigenous art has influenced her technique. She too has explored the wondrous textures and shapes of fruit and leaves, a subject she also loves to paint. Her work requires great patience and delicacy. As she carefully builds layer upon layer on her paintings, they begin to develop a real physical presence. By etching into these thick layers of oil paint, she forms the wonderfully organic shape and texture of leaves.

Felicia studied Graphic Design and Fine arts at Curtin University in WA.

She has won five art prizes and has had many successful solo and group exhibitions. She has clients spanning from Australia, USA and Asia.


Selected Exhibitions:


2013 Group show, “Natural Elements”, Tusk Gallery Melbourne

Sydney Art month, Art2muse Gallery NSW

Greek Art exhibition, Art2muse Gallery NSW

2012 Gallipoli Art Prize Exhibition

Tanjent gallery, SA

Art2Muse Gallery, NSW

Brunswick Street Gallery, VIC

Manyung Gallery, VIC

Portsea Gallery, VIC

Art Sydney, NSW (also 2010)

Art Melbourne, VIC (also 2010, 2011, and 2012)

Melville Art Awards, WA (also 2012)

For more art visit Tusk online art gallery

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