Eddie Botha

"Finance vs Health" 40x180cm

“Finance vs Health” 40x180cm

"Sociality" 91x75cm

“Sociality” 91x75cm

"Out of the System"

“Out of the System”

Eddie Botha: The Artist


Eddie produces work with the intention to make people smile, but also ponder about serious issues in life. The psychology of colours, shapes and relationships intrigues him. The spaces in between people, those moment is where the opportunity lies and that is why he rather colour those spaces, filled with potential. The artworks are also an expression of his surroundings, raging from the Urban environment that he adore, to the Natural spaces that he love.

Photos and everyday life plays an important role in his work, also being a photographer. The relationships between people and objects, as well as people and their surroundings are what he believes life is made up of. That is after all what an average day would consist off. The influences of religion, lust, commercialism, the media and progression are obvious. The idea of a moving object captured in sequence is evident in many works.

He use markers on painted boards or paper and lots of found objects. The idea of an object having fulfilled its purpose in life fascinates Eddie. Even a page in a phone book holds a world of information, possibilities and emotions.

Influences on Eddie’s work is abundant; the line figures of Walter Battis (Rock painting origins), Colours and repetition on Andy Warhol, human compositions of Jonas Burgert and quite frankly hundreds of others. Everything in life is after all an influence. The colours of Africa, the vibrancy and colours of Malaysia, and the culture of Australia (especially the Aboriginal Culture) have made a big imprint on his artworks.

Please feel free to browse around and don’t forget to like Eddie Botha Creations on Facebook by clicking below for regular updates and invites to his shows.

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