Denise Walker

"Earthly Riches" 100 x 150cm $2880

“Earthly Riches”
100 x 150cm

"Mystic Light" 60x60cm

“Mystic Light” 60x60cm

"Barra" 100x100cm

“Barra” 100x100cm

"Spiritual Path" 50x50cm

“Spiritual Path”

"Love's First Light" 45x45cm

“Love’s First Light” 45x45cm

"Cable Beach" 30x151cm

“Cable Beach” 30x151cm

"Cable Beach II" 60x90cm

“Cable Beach II” 60x90cm

Denise Walker Cable Beach light_2 60 x 90 $880

“Cable Beach Light” 60x90cm

"Family" 150x50cm

“Family” 150x50cm

"Gentle Spirit" 60x120cm

“Gentle Spirit” 60x120cm



"Cable Beach Sunset" 50x150cm

“Cable Beach Sunset” 50x150cm

"Exposed" 60x90cm

“Exposed” 60x90cm

Denise Walker: The Artist


Denise is an artist and educator who currently lives in Broome, Western Australia.

Born in Perth in 1966, she immediately felt an artistic passion and by the age of 2 was already doing up to 50 drawings a day! Denise hasn’t stopped since spending many years studying art and holding her first sell out solo exhibition at the age of 22 with 78 pieces, all of which she framed herself, one of her greatest achievements.

Her artwork, although inspired from the spectacular Broome coastline, embodies a powerful soul on an individual journey throughout the heartland of the rugged interior of the Kimberley region.

She travels extensively and works on location using assorted mediums to capture the “soul” of her chosen subject. Her main focus is on the spirit embodied within the landscape. It’s vibrant colours, it’s dynamic energy, and it’s emotional resonance, which is born in vast ancient surroundings, engages the viewer and elicits an amazing personal journey from the audience, moving them emotionally.

Denise has exhibited widely over the past 24 years winning numerous awards. Her work enjoys representation worldwide with various collectors situated throughout USA, UK, NZ, Saudi Arabia and Japan.


Recent Exhibitions:


2005 Colour of Joy, Broome, Solo Exhibition

2005 Impressions of the Kimberley, Perth, Solo – Hollywood Hospital

2005 365 – Days of, Broome, Solo Exhibition

2006 Away from it All, Sydney, Group – Art Moment Gallery Feb

2006 Light, Sydney, Solo – Metropolitan Gallery March

2007 Resonance, Melbourne, Solo – Gardiner Galleries

2007 Away from it All, Sydney, Group – Art Moment Gallery Feb

2008 Mystic Light, Broome, Solo Exhibition

2008 Resonance 11, Broome, Solo Exhibition

2009 The space between, Melbourne, Solo – Collingwood Galleries Sept


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