Claire Layman

"Bird's Eye View of the Red Centre" 180x60cm

“Bird’s Eye View of the Red Centre” 180x60cm

"Sunburst" 60x180cm

“Sunburst” 60x180cm

"Whoosh" 60x180cm

“Whoosh” 60x180cm

"Inferno" 60x180cm

“Inferno” 60x180cm

Claire’s piece can be hung whichever way you like! There are a few more piece, same size, available at the moment. To view them, come to our South Yarra space.

Claire Layman: The Artist

Claire grew up on a farm in Western Australia. She graduated in photography in 1983, worked for a while as a photographer and graphic artist and exhibited her photographs in Perth. She left Perth in 1985 and traveled in the United States, Canada, Britain, France and Switzerland until 1990, working as a cocktail waitress, laboratory assistant, language transcriber, recreation officer and grape picker.Once back in Australia, she formed a business with her sister, hand painting coats, bags, cases and aprons for the tourist market. The business has thrived for the last 12 years. She began painting canvases in 2002, experimenting with materials, paints and substrates. Around this time Claire also started experimenting with resin, she started adding vibrant inks and other materials to the resin and created the beginnings of her unique artwork. Claire has refined her art to the point where the detail and technique inspire huge reactions from those who view her work. She continues to experiment with vibrant inks and acrylic to bring the resin to life, sometimes looking like indigenous art and at other times looking like Hokusai gone out of control, some see oriental influence and some see the rich colours of the Australian Outback while at times Claire creates art that reflects the beginning of planet systems or a piece of quartz cut in two. Layers of clear resin and resin mixed withspecial ink and acrylic create colourful statements that communicate something special and appreciated by most viewers.

She first exhibited her paintings at Tusk Gallery in Melbourne;‘s famous Chapel Street in August 2004. They began selling immediately. She has exhibited at Tusk Gallery continuously ever since. Claire’s life as an artist has been one of constant change and development to the point where she is now possibly one of the most well known artists in Melbourne. Her work appeals across the boards.

Between 2005 and 2008 she held very successful exhibitions at the Melbourne Affordable Art Show, one of the big events in the Melbourne art world, where she is constantly one of the biggest selling artists and Eckersley’s Art Gallery on Flinders Street, Melbourne as well as her ongoing exposure at Tusk Galleries. Claire’s art is featured in private collections on all continents. In November 1998 Claire’s work was featured in Malaysia at the KL International Art Show.

Her work is also featured in Storm’s Epiphany Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. Storm’s Epiphany Gallery represents Claire’s art in Asia. Her art is currently represented in Galleries in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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