Alan Delon

"Home is where the art is" L/E

“Home is where the art is” L/E Print $495

"Fury" 132x132cm

“Fury” 132x132cm, original canvas


“Cindy” L/E print $495

"I Spent How Much?"

“I Spent How Much?”, L/E print $495

"Pensive", original canvas

“Pensive”, original canvas

"Love Story" 122x122cm, Original canvas

“Love Story” 122x122cm, Original canvas


View Alan Delon’s collection at Tusk gallery here:

Alan Delon: The Artist

Alan Delon is a versatile Melbourne based artist. His artwork includes collages, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, aerosol art, stencils & mixed media. He operates under the pseudonym “Alan Delon” so as to separate the art from the ego, and to allow him to experiment with a genre that doesn’t relate to his other practice.

As a child, Alan immersed himself in various creative outlets, including acting, music, writing, and finally drawing – where he finally found his niche.

He draws his inspiration from the Pop movement of the early sixties in which artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Rauschenburg would use images taken from popular culture to create works that were a reflection of a consumer-based society. So too Delon uses a combination of elements including cinema portraits, magazine covers and newspaper clippings, collaged together to form a finished piece.

Delon states, “I am constantly saturating my self with the latest idea. Whether it be from fashion, culture, magazines, music, design or architecture etc…just keeping aware of all the latest ideas and then rather than trying to make any attempt to integrate them in to my work I just let their influence seep in naturally and unconsciously.”

The result is a work that resembles a billboard or poster; though with the directive or intention of an ad campaign removed, these pieces of art simply retain the beauty of the iconic image stripped back to its purest form.

Selected Exhibitions:

2010 Participation in “Art Melbourne” with SmartArtz Gallery South Melbourne

2009 Group Exhibition “Up your Alley” at Per Square Meter Gallery Collingwood.

Visit here for more Alan Delon artwork

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