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Pila Pansumrit


“Inner Flame”, 150x120cm, in a dark wood shadow line frame.

"White Light", 170x140cm, (beoo)

“White Light”, 170x140cm, (beoo) SOLD October ’13

"Illuminations" 170x140cm (beoo)

“Illuminations” 170x140cm (beoo)

"Oneness" 170x140cm (beoo)

“Oneness” 170x140cm (beoo)

"Black Hole" 170x140cm (beoo)

“Black Hole” 170x140cm (beoo)

"Eternity" 140x140cm

“Eternity” 140x140cm

"The Beginning" 140x140cm

“The Beginning” 140x140cm

View Pila’s complete collection at Tusk here: http://www.tuskartists.com/pila-pansumrit.html

3 Responses to “Pila Pansumrit”

  1. Teresa Barclay

    Price inquiry for Pila’s oneness and black hole please. Thanks

    • tuskgallery

      Hi Teresa,

      Both of those pieces retails for $3,990 each. They are both framed in a beautiful dark mocha shadow line frame. If you are interested I would recommend you phone us on (03) 9827 3338 as we have had several interested clients.


      Olivia @ Tusk


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