Monchai Kosolpradit

"Federation Square III" 100x100cm

“Federation Square III” 100x100cm

"Good Time Cats" 100x100cm

“Good Time Cats” 100x100cm

"Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?" 80x80cm

“Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?” 80x80cm

"Afternoon Tea" 80x80cm

“Afternoon Tea” 80x80cm

"2 Cats" 100x80cm

“2 Cats” 100x80cm

"Sunset Dream" 140x170cm

“Sunset Dream” 140x170cm

"Pink Towers" 100x100cm

“Pink Towers” 100x100cm

"Songkran" 97x92cm

“Songkran” 97x92cm

"Beach Scene I"

“Beach Scene I”

"Beach Scene II"

“Beach Scene II”


Monchai Kosolpradit: The Artist


There is a huge gap in the availability of paintings for children as well as paintings that generally brighten up life. Monchai fills this hole.

His artwork is fresh, bright and full of the simple things in life. You don’t have to “understand” it. It’s just there to look at and to make life a bit brighter.

Monchai studied at the Ratchamongkol Institution (Poh Chang Faculty) and the Thaivichitsilp Art School (Fine arts) in Thailand.

Monchai enjoys painting characters that bring people of all ages, especially children, joy and laughter. His artworks are full of life and remain a favourite amongst visitors to Tusk Gallery.


Art Exhibitions and Awards

  • 2012: Installation & Sculpture Exhibition “Up to Go” At V64 Art Studio (Jul. 21st -Aug. 21st )
  • 2009: “Artists for Elephants”, “See Saw Seen Art Exhibition At Grand Hall, River City”
  • 2008: “Hof Art 3rd Anniversary Art Axhibition “Change Spirit” at Hof Art”
  • 2008: “Artists for Elephants”
  • 2008: Joint, She Exhibition at Grand 7, Jatujuk, Bangkok, Thailand”
  • 2008: “Feel Good Solo Exhibition at Plankton, Jatujuk, Bangkok, Thailand”
  • 2008: “Exhibition 2rd International Art Expo Malasia”
  • 2007: “Spirit of Art at Hof Art”
  • 2007: “Art Exhibition An Imagination of Artists Love & Sex at Plankton, Jatujuk, Bangkok,Thailand”
  • 2005: “Spirit of Art at Hof Art”
  • 2003: “Demonstration of Water Colour Painting, Wad Sin publishing House”
  • 2002: “Celebrate 72 years of Majesty the King, Central Bangna”

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