Kitti Narod

90x90cm (afoo)


"Horses" 120x120cm

“Horses” 120x120cm

"Birds" 100x100cm

“Birds” 100x100cm

"Owls" 100x100cm

“Owls” 100x100cm

"Roosters I" 80x80cm

“Roosters I” 80x80cm

Tattooed Boy 140x160cm

Tattooed Boy 140x160cm

"Homage to Leonardo" 300x200cm

“Homage to Leonardo” 300x200cm

"Scorched" 120x100cm

“Scorched” 120x100cm

"Gwyn and Cats"

“Gwyn and Cats”


"Rainy Day" 120x120cm, (beoo)

“Rainy Day”
120x120cm, (beoo) SOLD

"Pacific Party I" 160cmx140cm (dooo)

“Pacific Party I”
160cmx140cm (dooo)

"Pacific Party II" 120x120xm, (beoo)

“Pacific Party II”
120x120xm, (beoo)

"Lonely Wall" 140x160cm, (dooo)

“Lonely Wall”
140x160cm, (dooo)

"Big Fern"

“Big Fern”

"Indian Pacific Swimmers" 160x140cm (dooo)

“Indian Pacific Swimmers”
160x140cm (dooo) SOLD

"Kitti's Dream" 80x80cm, (afoo)

“Kitti’s Dream”
80x80cm, (afoo)

"Kitti Katz" 70x50cm (goo)

“Kitti Katz”
70x50cm (goo)

"Dreamer" 100x100cm (aiio)

100x100cm (aiio)

"Kaleidoscope Garden" 140x160cm (ciio)

“Kaleidoscope Garden”
140x160cm (ciio)

"Mad with 4 Blue Cats" Sculpture

“Mad with 4 Blue Cats”
Sculpture SOLD

"Red Lines I" 90cm x 90cm (booo)

“Red Lines I”
90cm x 90cm (booo)


"Bridges Over The Thames" 120x120cm (beoo) at Tusk

“Bridges Over The Thames” 120x120cm (beoo) at Tusk

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