John Martono

To see the latest collection of original works and limited edition prints by John Martono head to our official website at:

"Follow Me II" 100x150cm (cbeo)

“Follow Me II” 100x150cm SOLD

"Talk and Move" 100x  100cm (beoo)

“Talk and Move” 100x 100cm (beoo) SOLD

"Remains The Same" 45x68cm (aceo)

“Remains The Same” 45x68cm (aceo)

"Others" 90x105cm (beoo)

“Others” 90x105cm (beoo) SOLD

Happiness I 50x50cm, SOLD

Happiness I 50x50cm, SOLD

Happiness II 50x50cm

Happiness II 50x50cm

Happiness III 50x50cm

Happiness III 50x50cm SOLD

Happiness IV 50x50cm

Happiness IV 50x50cm SOLD

"Happiness II", 50x50cm, (iio)

“Happiness II”, 50x50cm SOLD

"Happiness VI" 50x50cm

“Happiness VI” 50x50cm SOLD

"Happiness X" 50x50cm

“Happiness X” 50x50cm SOLD

"Happiness IX" 50x50cm

“Happiness IX” 50x50cm SOLD

50x50cm SOLD

50x50cm SOLD

"Happiness VII" 50x50cm SOLD

“Happiness VII” 50x50cm SOLD

"Like Me" 100x150cm

“Like Me” 100x150cm SOLD

"I'm Here II" 100x100cm

“I’m Here II” 100x100cm SOLD

"Essence" 100x100cm

“Essence” 100x100cm SOLD

"Morning Whisper" 200x100cm, diptych, (ciio)

“Morning Whisper”
200x100cm, diptych, (ciio)

"Lost In Happiness" 100x100cm (beoo)

“Lost In Happiness” 100x100cm (beoo) SOLD

John Martono

“Happiness II” 50x50cm Painting on Silk and Hand Embroidery (iio) SOLD

"I Need Another Higher" 100x150cm (cbeo)

“I Need Another Higher” 100x150cm (cbeo) SOLD

"Find Myself I" 100x100cm

“Find Myself I” 100x100cm SOLD

"Find Myself II" 100x100cm

“Find Myself II” 100x100cm

"Inside Us" 100x100cm

“Inside Us” 100x100cm

"Keep on Talking" 100x100cm

“Keep on Talking” 100x100cm SOLD

"Sing All The Way" 100x100cm

“Sing All The Way” 100x100cm

"Talk to Me Babe" 150x100cm

“Talk to Me Babe” 150x100cm SOLD

"Broken Wings 1" 100x100cm

“Broken Wings 1” 100x100cm

"Broken Wings 2" 100x100cm

“Broken Wings 2” 100x100cm

"Come Back To Me" 100x100cm

“Come Back To Me” 100x100cm

"Fly" 150x100cm

“Fly” 150x100cm SOLD

"Early in the Morning" 100x150cm

“Early in the Morning” 100x150cm SOLD

"I'm Here" 100x150cm

“I’m Here” 100x150cm SOLD

"Both of Us" 100x100

“Both of Us” 100×100

"Goodbye" 100x100

“Goodbye” 100×100

"Soulful" 100x100

“Soulful” 100×100

"Free and Higher" 100x100

“Free and Higher” 100×100 SOLD


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