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Dusit Pimchangthong

"Cloud Hill, Olinda" 200x100cm

“Cloud Hill, Olinda” 200x100cm

Government House, Melbourne 280x140cm Oil on Canvas (iiio)

Government House, Melbourne 280x140cm Oil on Canvas (iiio)

Dusit Pimchangthong, Lilac Copse.

“Lilac Corpse”
280x140cm Diptych
Oil on Canvas (hiio)

Dusit Pimchangthong Tarrawarra

“Tarrawarra, Yarra Valley”
Oil on Canvas, 200x150cm, P.O.A ((fiio)

"The Boathouse at Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens"  Oil 160x120cm (diio)

“The Boathouse at Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens”
Oil 160x120cm (diio)

"Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Buildings" Oil, 160x120cm (diio)

“Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building”
Oil, 160x120cm (diio)

"Afternoon Shadows" 195cm x 145cm (fiio)

“Afternoon Shadows”
195cm x 145cm

"Sherbrooke Mist" Oil, 120x160cm (ciio)

“Sherbrooke Mist”
Oil, 120x160cm (ciio)

"Sherbrooke Pathway" Oil, 90x120cm (beeo)

“Sherbrooke Pathway”
Oil, 90x120cm (beeo)

"Sassafras" 100x80cm, Oil (aiio)

100x80cm, Oil (aiio)

“Melbourne Botanic Gardens”  100x80 (aiio)

“Melbourne Botanic Gardens”

80x80cm, Oil

80x80cm, Oil

80x80cm, Oil (aooo)

80x80cm, Oil (aooo)

"Flame Tree" 140cm x 140cm (biio)

“Flame Tree”
140cm x 140cm (biio)

"Pirianda Gardens, Olinda" 140cm x 140cm (biio)

“Pirianda Gardens, Olinda”
140cm x 140cm (biio)

"Belgrave, Ferny Creek Road" 100cm x 80cm (aiio)

“Belgrave, Ferny Creek Road”
100cm x 80cm (aiio)

"Sherbrooke"  Oil on Canvas 120x160cm (ceoo)

Oil on Canvas
120x160cm (ceoo)


100cm x 100cm

100cm x 100cm

“Sunny Glade”140X140cm Oil On Canvas (biio)

“Sunny Glade”140X140cm
Oil On Canvas (biio)



160cm x 120cm

"Shady Pathway" 140cm x 140cm

“Shady Pathway”
140cm x 140cm

“Shady Glade”  140x140cm Oil on Canvas (biio)

“Shady Glade”
140x140cm Oil on Canvas (biio)

100x100cm ”Violet 1” (aiio)

100x100cm ”Violet 1” (aiio)

140x140cm Shady Path II (biio)

140x140cm “Shady Path II” (biio)

"A Place in the Sun" 140x140cm Oil On Canvas

“A Place in the Sun” 140x140cm Oil On Canvas

"Solitude" 60x60cm

“Solitude” 60x60cm


140x140 "Spring in the North" (cooo)

140×140 “Spring in the North” (cooo)

DUS16 80x80cm  (aooo)

DUS16 80x80cm

DUS18 80x80cm  (aooo)

DUS18 80x80cm

DUS17 80x80cm  (aooo)

DUS17 80x80cm


DUS20 80x80cm  (aooo)

DUS20 80x80cm

DUS23 100x100cm

DUS23 100x100cm

DUS25 100x100cm

DUS25 100x100cm


DUS01 60x60cm

DUS01 60x60cm

"A Place in the Sun" 140cm x 140cm

“A Place in the Sun”
140cm x 140cm



100cm x 100cm

100cm x 100cm

100cm x 100cm

100cm x 100cm

"King's Domain, Melbourne" 160cm x 120cm (ciio)

“King’s Domain, Melbourne”
160cm x 120cm (ciio)

Dusit Pimchanthong: The Artist


Dusit was born on December 5th 1977, and currently lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dusit’s beautiful oil paintings appeal to all the senses, you can almost feel the warm sun filtering down through the trees and smell the grass as it rustles in the wind.

His technique pays homage to the old masters like Monet and Renoir. During his studies of Art at university in Bangkok he was introduced to the modern art style of Impressionism which fascinated Dusit and went on to influence his artistic style greatly. He was captivated by their brushwork, rich colours, and potential for intense emotion even in traditional landscape subjects.

Recently Tusk Gallery commissioned Dusit to do a series of oil paintings of Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges and the beautiful Botanical Gardens. All of the available works of this stunning series can be viewed on Tusk’s website.

Dusit has exhibited at Tusk Gallery, Rock Around Asia, as well as a long-standing place in the well-respected Bangkok V64 Art Studio.

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