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Here, There and Everywhere

Here, There and Everywhere

Tusk Gallery’s Latest Group Exhibition
Opening Wednesday 31 July at Tusk gallery, 438 Chapel St South Yarra

Why did we call our latest exhibition “Here, There and Everywhere”?

Having a name for a group exhibition really helps to set the mood and gives the curator something to work around.
Just before we came up with the name Melbourne Artist, Ralf Kempken called me about some new paintings he had just done. Ralf has been with Tusk Gallery since we opened our South Yarra Gallery in early 2006. Ralf paints iconic images of Melbourne. I spontaneously asked him if he would be interested in being part of our next exhibition.
Yes, he was interested.

Next up I contacted Mornington Penisula artist Cheryl Petersen about a painting of hers that we had just sold. We started talking and before I knew it I’d asked her to be involved as well.

For some strange reason The Beatles song “Here, There and Everywhere” came into my head and I couldn’t get rid of it. How could this fit with an art exhibition?

I then had a bright idea. I had recently set up a Facebook page and Website called “Art Space Australia”. I’d had this crazy idea one morning to help promote art from “everywhere”. By that night I’d created a Facebook page and had 200 likes, next day I created the website. The goal was to promote artists from all over the place, artists that were looking for more exposure. I started receiving e-mails from all around Australia and got really excited about the idea. By the end of the week I’d devoted over 40 hours to this new project. I started realizing that I may have bitten of more than I could chew.

So I had it. “HERE” local Melbourne artist, Ralf Kempken. “THERE” Mornington Peninsula artist, Cheryl Petersen and “EVERYWHERE” one painting each from artists all around Australia and South East Asia.

This is going to be a group exhibition that reflects Tusk Gallery’s eclectic outlook to art. There are artists from nearly all the states in Australia as well as a few from Thailand and hopefully one from South Africa and one from Indonesia.

It’s going to be like a “sample bag” of art, just like the ones I used to get as a kid at The Royal Melbourne Show. Once upon a time they were genuinely exciting as I’m sure this exhibjtion will be.