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Urban Amazons and other Eclecticities


Veronica Cay

Veronica Cay


Tania Wursig

"Eternity" 140x140cm

Pila Pansumrit “Eternity” 140x140cm


"Talk and Move" 100x  100cm (beoo)

John Martono “Talk and Move” 100x 100cm (beoo)






“Urban Amazons” and Other “Eclecticity”

Our next Exhibition at Tusk Gallery South Yarra will feature the art and sculpture of a very eclectic group of artists and sculptors. The only thing they have in common is that they are all new to Tusk Gallery and that I love what they are doing as artists.
The main image shows a photo shoot for Sydney Artist Tania Wursig’s contribution to the Exhibition. Tania is currently working on 10 pieces. The series is called “Urban Amazons” and I’m really excited to see the end result.

Watch a preview on YouTube HERE.

Amazon Rose by Tania Wursig 100x100cm (ffoo)

Amazon Rose by Tania Wursig 100x100cm (ffoo)

The opening night for the Exhibition is March 6th starting at 6pm at Tusk Gallery 438 Chapel St South Yarra.
The other artists are John Martono who does amazing paintings on silk. John is from Java, Veronica Cay…whose amazing sculptures have a special appeal to me, Pila Pansumrit, a young female Thai Artist who has just finished new pieces for the exhibition.

There will also be a couple of other surprises.


Veronica Cay

Veronica Cay

John Martono "Lost In Happiness" 100x100cm (beoo)

John Martono “Lost In Happiness” 100x100cm (beoo)

Pila Pansumrit "The Beginning" 140x140cm

Pila Pansumrit “The Beginning” 140x140cm