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Tusk Presents: Mersuka Dopazo

Here at Tusk, we are anxiously awaiting an upcoming exhibition featuring Spanish artist Mersuka Dopazo!

Mersuka is a largely self-taught artist, living and working in Bali with her husband and four sons. Always in search of adventure and inspiration, Mersuka lived in multiple countries around the world before settling in Bali four years ago with her family.

It was in Bali that Mersuka found inspiration for her portrait work, as she found herself immensely inspired by the charisma and beauty of Balinese women when dressed for traditional ceremonies.


True to her adventurous nature, Mersuka loves incorporating collage into her paintings and experimenting with media. “I can make a painting out of anything,” she says, “any object can inspire me.”

This passion for exploration is evident in Mersuka’s use of mixed media and colour, along with her zeal for life and letting things come as they may.

Along with her solo practice, Mersuka is involved in a collaborative project with fellow Spanish artist Teresa Calderón.


Mersuka’s work will be part of an upcoming group exhibition here at Tusk, opening in late October. Watch this space!