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Claude Monet to Dusit Pimchangthong

Legendary Impressionist artist Claude Monet once said “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”. Hopefully you all got the chance to see the Monet exhibit at the NGV (which finished up last Sunday) and see Monet’s masterpiece depicted on canvas (and in a beautiful documentary that showed at the end of the exhibit). It doesn’t matter how many images you see online, on postcards, or in catalogues of Monet’s works – nothing beats seeing them in the flesh.

Given the city’s recent Monet momentum, and now that it’s finally crossing over into Spring here in Melbourne, we thought it would be the ideal time to give our artist Dusit Pimchangthong a bit of spotlight time. If you aren’t familiar with the artist, Dusit Pimchangthong is a contemporary landscape painter who lives and works in Bangkok. Dusit fell in love with Impressionism while studying at university in Thailand. When looking at Dusit’s work, you can clearly see the inspiration he took from the old masters, like Monet, in his free and accentuated brushstrokes, his vibrant colours, his attention to light and shadowing, and of course his choice of subject.

Impressionism is one of the most influential art movements in all art history. It’s effects changed art practices in ways no one could have anticipated. For the first time, artists looked at how light is reflected or absorbed and how this interplay subsequently registers colours in our brains, they now had tubes of paint that could open and close, they began mixing colors right on their canvases instead of their palettes, and one of the most simple yet most influential changes was the the introduction of the primed white canvas. Nowadays, we look back at Impressionism as quite a conservative and traditional painting style, when in reality they were the rebels of their time and consequently ostracised themselves from the academic art world.

You can see why contemporary artists all over the world, like Dusit, still draw inspiration from these masters of paint!

Dusit Pimchanthong, “Cloud Hill, Olinda”, oil on canvas,  200x100cm

Dusit Pimchangthong, “Cloud Hill, Olinda”, oil on canvas, 200x100cm

Claude Monet, "Pathway In Monets Garden At Giverny"

Claude Monet, “Pathway In Monets Garden At Giverny”

Dusit Pimchanthong, "Water Lillies" 100x100cm, oil on canvas

Dusit Pimchangthong, “Water Lillies” 100x100cm, oil on canvas

Claude Monet, "Water Lillies I"

Claude Monet, “Water Lillies I”

A few years ago, Tusk Gallery commissioned Dusit Pimchangthong to do a series of landscapes of Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens and Dandenong Ranges and surrounds. The result is a stunning series of oil paintings that pay tribute to the original source of beauty in this world – nature. In Dusit’s paintings, you can almost feel the leaves rustling and the sun shining down on your shoulders – and, same as Monet, nothing beats seeing this works in the flesh!

So, on the evening of Wednesday 25th September, Tusk Gallery will be hosting the opening night of our next exhibition, “Reflections”, featuring some of our most prominent South-East Asian artists, including Dusit himself. All are encouraged to come along and see the work of Dusit and several of our other fantastic artists on the walls at Tusk. In the meantime, have a look at a selection of Dusit’s works here.

To RSVP to the “Reflections” opening night contact Tusk at southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au or phone us on (03) 9827 3338.

The Sculpture of Pimpisa Tinpalit

The Sculpture of Pimpisa Tinpalit

Pimpisa has been living and exhibiting in Melbourne for several years. She studied at one of Bangkok’s top art universities and ironically some of her classmates are already represented by Tusk Gallery.
Pimpisa’s work will be a feature at our “Reflections” opening on Wednesday September 25 at 6pm. 438 Chapel St South Yarra. Please let us know if you can make it.

New Lisa Morgan Painting

New Lisa Morgan Painting

This is a brand new painting by Sunshine Coast artist, Lisa Morgan. It is entitled “The Turquoise Sea” Size 120x90cm.

I dreamed a treasure’s hiding place
Was like the snow-white strand
Between a jewelled turquoise sea
And some exotic land,
And in my dream the sea had gone
A billion years ago,
But still I’d find the treasure’s lair,
For, looking, I would know
That some things tell of vanished seas
And some of vanished land,
And finding both, I’d look between
And find the hidden strand,
And in the strand a treasure-trove
— the vision promised me —
But morning’s finger touched the dream
That held the vanished sea,
And suddenly Space changed to Time
And In-between to Now,
And there I found the treasured strand,
The likeness showed me how.

Author Unknown