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John Martono : Painted Silk with detailed Hand Embroidery

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To view John’s current available art visit http://www.tuskgallery.com.au/artist/john-martono/

 Art is indeed about the freedom to express, and painting need not necessary be strictly on canvas. For many artists painting on silk can be a novel and unique idea, requiring a special ability. But for John Martono, using silk as a preferred medium for painting has become a trademark for self-expression. Renowned mostly as a textile designer, his works are very much related to textile science and technique. With his years of experience as textile lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology, he devotes himself to textiles and is known by his students as Captain John. It comes as no surprise therefore that he uses silk for his painting. He shares these words from experience, “It is rather unique since painting on silk is not easy. You know, silk is quite expensive and I must use special paint as well. I have no choice but to purchase paint abroad since it is not available in Indonesia. When I do my painting, the frame must be in a lying position. It is only logical that when your frame is upright, paint will drip downward. A smooth painting technique is important for such fine silk material.

John is one of few painters with a graduate degree and is in the midst of doing his postgraduate degree. His works certainly bring a new and different perspective within Indonesia’s contemporary fine arts.

(Kusuma Dewangga)

John is an artist from Badung in Java. He creates unique swirling abstracts with a mix of painting and hand embroidery.
Here are several of his pieces.

John’s work will be exhibited at Tusk Gallery 438 Chapel St South Yarra Victoria Australia 613 98273338 southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au throughout March and April. Opening at 6pm March 6th RSVP to email above.

To see the full range of John Martono’s work please go to this link: http://www.tuskgallery.com.au/artist/john-martono/

John Martono

John Martono Happiness II 50x50cm Painting on Silk and Hand Embroidery.

New Lisa Morgan Painting “Haiku”

Tusk Gallery is due to receive another beautiful Lisa Morgan painting very soon! This stunning piece is called “Haiku”.

Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry. In Japanese, haiku are traditionally printed in a single vertical line down the page. The Japanese feel of this piece is evident in Lisa’s amazing colour combinations, Japanese floral imagery, and the vertical line work similar to the haiku. Lisa often draws inspiration from poetry for her pieces, which she beautifully writes on the back of all her artworks. We are very excited for this piece to arrive at Tusk!

To enquire about “Haiku”, please contact Tusk Gallery at southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au or phone (03) 9827 3338.

"Haiku" 120x150cm (biio)

Lisa Morgan “Haiku” 120x150cm (biio)