About Tusk

Tusk Gallery South Yarra

Tusk Gallery consists of 2 art galleries plus an extensive online gallery. We are physically located in Melbourne, Australia but we sell art internationally through our Online Galleries. Tusk represents more than one hundred artists (and sculptors) from Australia and South East Asia.

Our galleries are located in South Yarra and Camberwell. This is our blog, you can view the Tusk Online gallery at www.tuskgallery.com.au. To contact Tusk Gallery e-mail gary@tuskgallery.com.au or ring Gary on

61 (0)425 774415

This website is a catalogue of the art currently available at Tusk Gallery plus the Online Gallery link has images of art that we have access to from our artists that is only available online.

Another way of keeping in touch and up to date is to follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tuskgallery

The purpose of this “Blog” is to post all of our new artworks and to keep you up to date about our artists.

Tusk Gallery

438 Chapel St South Yarra Melbourne Australia,3141 : 613 9827 3338

76  Harold St  Camberwell Melbourne Australia ,3123 : 613 9882 2174

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