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Inside Their Studio – Faye Depasquale

When returning from her visit to outback Australia, landscape artist Faye Depasquale discovered her appreciation for the ancient land. There was a connection to this subject matter that cannot be completely explained other than an experience that has held onto her which she has continued to capture throughout her work.IMG_5248[1] copy

Her work depicts the vast eternity of the Australian terrain as the viewer looks further towards a never ending horizon.

Faye continues her fascination and intense preoccupation with heightened colour and repetitive patterns found in the outback. While she likes to explore the more opaque quality of acrylics on canvas, it is Faye’s love of works on paper and the medium of watercolour which has also taken her interest. This is highlighted with the strong appreciation and influence from work by John Olsen and John Wolseley, as she describes, it is the “variety of surfaces and how the medium responds”.

Teaching has been a significant part of Faye’s life which has assisted the growth and development of her career as an artist – enabling her to continue expanding her art styles and forms, through teaching secondary level students and more recently, adult classes. She has been able to share her skills and appreciation for creating with others.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.37.18 AMFaye emphasises that the role of an artist is to provide her audience with “peace and joy”. More specifically, she admits that during her role as an art teacher, she has always encouraged students to pursue a career in the art industry and it is this advocate position that she feels is an important role for her to play.

The year ahead is looking to be an exciting one for Faye and includes new art prospects and even an exciting award! We at Tusk adore the dedication Faye has always put into her works, which is why we currently have hung a collection of Faye’s work our Camberwell Art Gallery for you all to see her stunning range available.