Inside Their Studio – Paul Blewitt

Artist Paul Blewitt may be of English heritage but the weave of various cultures that have intertwined throughout his legacy have become a driving force during his practice. Having been inspired by cultures including Celtic, Maori, Indigenous and Aztec, it is these multicultural influences that have brought “different visions to my art” Blewitt explains.

first light 124 x 86 cm[3]

Drawing was a preferred choice of recording for Paul although this flat surface limited himself as an artist. It wasn’t until 2012, whilst managing an art store, that he realized this and began exploring other options. He started to experiment with acrylic paint, adding a new dimension to his work.
Nan's garden 63 x 87 cm[3]Working as a full time artist, he has now developed his painting technique on both canvas and linen. Whilst colour has added an extra depth within his works, Paul has become indebted to these materials as they have provided a 3D element which he would never have achieved through drawing alone. His technique of applying the painting thickly on the surface has brought him to a new chapter within his career.                                                                                               Now, He is exhibiting his art at various online art galleries in Australia, Paul is focused on displaying and producing new work for 2016. Paul Blewitt offers no specific direction behind the meaning within his works and prefers others to find their own interpretation. Although, what he does offer is his personal view that artists enhance others through thought, unlimited clarification and unrestricted analysis. To create your own interpretation and see the result of Paul Blewitt’s practice, Tusk Gallery currently have several works in stock in our South Yarra location for you to see.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.43.25 PM

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