Inside Their Studio – Amanda Steadman

Serendipity struck a few years ago when Amanda Steadman was given a chair. Unusual as it may sound, this rare colourful chair became an opportunity for experimentation and led her to the unique technique that stands her apart from the stable of artists at Tusk Gallery.
This discovered process is best described as a warm, colourful and textured blend of mixed media materials including the use of paper, fabric and paint on canvas. This is combined by the exotic shape and pattern influences from Morocco, India and Turkey. It is these aspects of sharing colour, texture and beauty which she describes as an important element of an artist’s role in society.
Marrakech iii, Mixed media on canvas, 150 x 150cm 
After receiving the multi-coloured four legged piece of furniture, so began the objective to create a matching piece of art as unique as her new chair. From taking a mixed media art class at Cheryl Petersen Gallery, Amanda discovered rust paint and collaging and “after a bit of experimentation, I created my first Marrakech which now hangs next to the chair” Amanda explains.
Although we can’t give the chair all the credit as Steadman’s active and creative imagination has always been a significant part of her life. Having spent her childhood growing up on the family farm, she can recall times sitting in the paddocks in her own world capturing her surroundings through drawing and painting. Creating has always been a large part of Amanda’s life. Even after completing her studies in Art and Design to then jumping into a career in the corporate world – she has never stopped exploring her creative side.
It wasn’t until 2013 that Amanda left her business career to take on her own creative pursuits. Now painting full time, she has established a business, Peninsula Art Space, with artist Christine Sharp, where she has her studio and also teaches art classes and workshops.
When asked how her work has changed over the years, it wasn’t so much about Steadman’s technique that has developed, but rather discovering the best method to execute her childhood imagination into a style of painting that, as she expressed, “I’m proud to see hanging on someone’s wall”.
Amanda Steadman’s enthusiasm for the new year is obvious as she reveals her new Japanese inspired mixed media range of paintings which are currently in the planning process. We look forward to seeing the final outcome of her newly inspired experimentation, discovery of new patterns and the use of Japanese leaf.
Kate Ellis, January 2016

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