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Tusk Gallery in 2016

We went through huge¬†changes in 2015, the main one being the expansion and transformation of our Camberwell Gallery. I started this place in 1986 as Graphic Impressions Camberwell and it has built itself up to being one of Melbourne’s most innovative picture framing businesses but I’ve always wanted it to be an Art Gallery. 2016 is our 30th year in Camberwell. There have been many evolutions and great deal of metamorphosis but we have finally arrived where we want to be. Another significant anniversary in 2016 is the celebration of¬†our 10th year in South Yarra.


At the beginning of 2015 we made the decision to re-brand and become Tusk Gallery Camberwell and formally let Graphic Impressions Camberwell rest in peace.

In June we started doing renovations to the Harold St space and temporarily moved into 835 Burke Rd which had been the original Melbourne location of the “Rivers” clothing brand. This was just going to be a pop up until the renovation work was completed.

During this period we started discussing the possibility of renting both spaces and doing a huge Tusk Gallery exhibition space in the existing rear end and creating a “print and art shop” in the Burke Rd space. This would involve knocking a wall out and making the 2 areas one big space.

This is now done!


The New Burke Rd Entry before signage went up.


By late November Tusk Gallery Camberwell was pretty well functioning as we had planned it. The rent is frightening but at the same time our sales have tripled. The pictures below show the transition….not yet fully complete. They show the Burke Rd area.


The next stage is to set up Tusk Art Space Cafe in the Burke Rd section. We inherited the basic fit out from the prior tenants Cacao Green.


We’ve got Proud Mary Coffee on board. This is very exciting as they are at the forefront of Melbourne’s extravagant love of coffee.


If all goes as planned we should be up and running in early February. The plan is to have the best of everything ……. great coffee, Kombucha on tap, raw vegan sugarless cakes (but still very yummy), organic juices and some simple yummy food. You’ll be able to get something to drink, relax, have a bite to eat and then wander around our exhibition space and look at the latest artworks.

Tusk Gallery Boxing Day Sale

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