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Tusk presents: Vicky Papas Vergara

We are very excited to present Vicky Papas Vergara – an artist and photographer new to Tusk.

Throughout her career as a hair stylist, Vicky’s passion was pampering women and making them feel wonderful, while unveiling the unique beauty that each woman beholds. This passion expanded from hairdressing to styling, painting, and photography in a shift that Vicky says was “almost overnight” at the age of 41. Her work continues to hold the aim of capturing the elegance of feminine beauty.


“I have always had a creative side, but suppressed it, only picking up a paintbrush on a rare occasion. There was always going to be a ‘one day,'” Vicky says.

After making this sudden change four years ago, Vicky has been busy taking as many photography workshops as possible to improve her skills – and improve she has! She has had great success with Australian and international photography awards in the past year, recently winning the Grand Award at WPPI Las Vegas for the Creative Division.

Vicky has worked largely in fashion photography, though recently she has ventured into art nudes – a switch that she said was largely inspired by one of her models. “Recently I booked an art nude model, Anne Duffy, who I work with often, but usually dress her. This time I wanted to create beautiful fine art nude images that I could see hanging on someone’s wall, so they had to be classic and timeless. I always loved nude photography, and had imagined a series of renaissance nudes with a lot of movement. That’s what inspired this series of images I call ‘Miss Duffy.'”


For anyone considering a change in direction to chase your passion, Vicky says, “Go for it! Be fearless in your creativity!” With any luck, you’ll end up creating work as stunning as that of Vicky Papas Vergara.

Vicky’s work will soon be available at Tusk – watch this space! Please contact us on southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au with any enquiries.