Tusk Gallery will exhibit at The Singapore Affordable Art Fair Nov 19-23 2014

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Tiffany Calder Kingston

Tiffany has just sent us these paintings for The Singapore Affordable Art Fair. 

1782383_809716802411765_6411009140651790863_o 1901283_809718725744906_34479594538495558_n 1921093_809718409078271_3400432093049567884_o LM_SunCrawlingDown_140x140 LM_ShakingTheKaleidoscope_100x100 LM_4927_SummerSolstice LM_4924_SlowDegreesOfCountry_opt _MG_4933_opt IMG_1237 IMG_1236 IMG_1234 IMG_1233 IMG_1232 IMG_1231 1415090672553 1415090668586 1415090675617

John Martono

The Beauty of Happiness 100x100cm

John Martono

Thanks To You 100x100cm

John martono

Stories of Happiness 100x100cm

Songs Of Yesterday 100x100cm

Songs Of Yesterday 100x100cm

John Martono

Smells Like Happiness 100x100cm

John Martono

Monday Afternoon 100x100cm

John Martono

I Will Play The Blues For You 100x100cm

John Martono

Hello I Love You 150x100cm

10630642_809717692411676_4010870969158692287_o 10294299_736191839761188_1879213357282851223_n 10639447_736191819761190_8186000023223861669_n received_735714969808875 20141021_113625 Paitoon Singapore 200x145cm Paitoon Singapore received_837159916334278[2] received_837159779667625 Paitoon Singapore received_m_mid_1410846862987_c8e3c6fbfb28b56a18_0 received_m_mid_1410846865292_9350740dd661ae4815_0 received_837159759667627[2] received_837159889667614[2]

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