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Artist Submissions to Tusk Gallery

Every week and even more specifically every day Tusk Gallery gets submissions from Australian and also International artists to show their artwork at our Galleries.

We really appreciate this and hope that artists from far and wide continue to submit to us. Unfortunately due to my schedule and workload I don’t always have a chance to respond. I put the email in a folder called “artist stuff” with the very best intentions of getting back to them with some feedback.

I’m sure I’m missing some fabulous artists and I apologize.

The way Tusk works is that everyone does a bit of everything. We’ve got 3 Gallery spaces run by 5 staff which includes myself and Georgie. Then there’s also all the internet stuff – website, blogs, newsletters, facebook etc, etc. This keeps us all flat out.

I’m going to try to work out a time each week to devote to reviewing submissions. I hope that if you are an artist and have submitted and not heard back from us that you will understand.

Another thing is that we can only represent “so many” artists. We already have a huge amount. Our criteria at the moment is looking for something unique and different or art that fills a hole that we’ve left undone.

We work our butts off to sell art when we have it. We have 13,000 facebook followers and have just created a new website that will hopefully help us reach a whole lot of new people both in Australia and Internationally.

Lastly, here’s a story about an artist who I missed completely when he first submitted. About two years ago I received a submission from an Indonesian artist named John Martono. I must have been busy that day because I don’t even remember getting it. John’s wife Citra wisely re contacted me in January this year. Since then we have had an exhibition of John’s unique silk paintings, John and Citra have visited Australia to promote his work and we’ve sold around 40 of his paintings. Last night one of John’s paintings appeared on The Block and as a result we sold a $3000 painting overnight. We are also working with John to create a series of Limited Edition prints. Also John is being a feature artist on our Singapore affordable Art Fair stand in November and will be back in Australia for another exhibition in January 2015.

If Citra hadn’t got back to us in January none of this would have happened.

Gary Collier

Tusk Gallery