Tusk Gallery : Singapore Affordable Art Fair November 2014 : Proposal

IMG_3471Tusk Gallery : Singapore Affordable Art Fair November 2014 : Proposal

We visited The Singapore Affordable Art Fair in May 2014 to assess whether we could successfully be a part of the show. We were very impressed with what we saw. Galleries from all around the globe showing a very diverse range of art. We feel that our Gallery and the artists we represent will be a valued addition to an already successful Art Fair. We propose to bring the artwork of the following artists. There are also write-ups on each of the artists and links to blogs at the end of this proposal.

About Tusk Gallery


Tusk Gallery opened its doors on May 1st 2002. Our first Art Gallery was in Carlton North just outside the Melbourne CBD.

On January 1st 2006 we opened our second Tusk Gallery in Melbourne’s trendy Chapel St in South Yarra.

A Picture Framing business that we have owned since 1983 morphed into the third Tusk Gallery, this is located in Camberwell in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Tusk Gallery represents a large stable of artists from Australia and South East Asia. We travel to Thailand several times each year to meet with our artists whom we have been representing since January 2007. Tusk Gallery has played a big role in introducing Contemporary Thai art to Australia and the world. In the past several years we have added several Indonesian artists.

We currently exhibit original art in our South Yarra and Camberwell galleries and have plans for future expansion including new gallery spaces, greater internet exposure and involvement in International Art Fairs.

We have a strong exhibition program and have openings every 6 weeks. The format generally consists of 3 artists and 1-2 sculptors. Our current exhibition is called “Serendipity”. Each exhibition features new artists as we believe that our clients look forward to fresh and innovative art.

We are currently creating a new website and regularly communicate with our clients via a weekly newsletter, a blog and Facebook. We have almost 12,000 Facebook followers.

We are recognized in Australia as an ever changing, innovative Gallery that supports it’s artists and we are well respected by an ever growing public following. We have a strong commitment to the artists that we represent and put a lot of energy into creating and maintaining strong relationships with them.

We have exhibited at both Affordable Art Melbourne and Art Melbourne.


The Artists and Examples of their Work

John Martono : Java

John lives in Bandung, Java. In March this year we had a sold out exhibition of John’s artworks at Tusk Gallery in Melbourne. John is a lecturer in textile design at Bandung Institute of Technology.

John’s pieces are hand painted silk with incredibly intricate hand embroidery.

John Martono "Lost In Happiness" 100x100cm Painting on Silk with Hand Embroidery : Framed in a Mocca 60mm Deep Shadow Frame

Tusk Gallery : John Martono : “Lost In Happiness” : 2013 : 100x100cm Painting on Silk with Hand Embroidery : Framed in a Mocca 60mm Deep Shadow Frame : SING $ 2990


John Martono "I Need Another Higher" 100x150cm Hand Painted Silk and Hand Embroidery.

Tusk Gallery : John Martono :  “I Need Another Higher” : 2013 : 100x150cm Hand Painted Silk and Hand Embroidery. Framed in a 60mm Deep Mocca Shadow Frame : SING $3990


John Martono at Tusk Gallery with Gallery Director Olivia Fuller

John Martono at Tusk Gallery with Gallery Director Olivia Fuller

Cheryl Petersen : Victoria : Australia

Cheryl Petersen "Jewelled" 180x150cm Acrylic on Canvas

Tusk Gallery : Cheryl Petersen : “Jewelled” : Acrylic on Canvas : 2013 : SING $5250

Tusk Gallery : Cheryl Petersen : "Horse" : 2013 : Acrylic on Canvas : 150x180cm : SING $5250

Tusk Gallery : Cheryl Petersen : “Horse” : 2013 : Acrylic on Canvas : 150x180cm : SING $5250

Bas Dylan : Bangkok : Thailand : Artworks from 100% Recycled Denim Jeans

Bas is in his mid twenties. We discovered his amazing artworks earlier this year and have featured them in exhibitions in Melbourne.

We visited Bas’s Bangkok studio in early May and were amazed at the mountain of old denim jeans that he uses to create his unique artworks.

Every piece is created by cutting denim shapes and sewing and glueing them to create amazing visual textures. Unfortunately the photos don’t do justice to the real thing.

"Khlong Life II" 145x110cm 100% Recycled Denim Jeans. Hand Cut, Hand Stitched....

Tusk Gallery : Bas Dylan : “Khlong Life II” : 2014 : 145x110cm 100% Recycled Denim Jeans. Hand Cut, Hand Stitched….Framed in a 60mm Deep Mocca Shadow Frame : SING $6990

"Khlong Life" 145x110cm,  100% Recycled Denim

Tusk Gallery : Bas Dylan :”Khlong Life I” : 2014 : Recycled Denim Framed in a 60mm Deep Mocca Shadow Frame : 145x110cm : SING $6990

Bas Dylan "In Situ"

Bas Dylan “In Situ”

Tiffany Calder Kingston : Byron Bay : Australia

Tiffany lives in Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales. She is passionate about the environment and this reflects strongly in her paintings.

"Ebb and Flow" 130x130cm

Tusk Gallery : Tiffany Calder Kingston : “Ebb and Flow” : 2013 : Acrylic on Canvas : 130x130cm : SING $5500

Tiffany Calder Kingston "Queen"

Tusk Gallery : Tiffany Calder Kingston : “Queen” : 2014 : 160x110cm : Acrylic on Canvas : SING $5500

Tiffany Calder Kingston "Born of the Land"

Tusk Gallery : Tiffany Calder Kingston “Born of Blended Voices of Wind, Sun and Rain” : 2014 : Acrylic on Canvas : SING $5500

Vichit Nongnual : Bangkok : Thailand

Vichit is one of Thailand’s most respected ceramicists and painters.

Vichit Nongnual "Head Dress" 200x140cm

Tusk Gallery : Vichit Nongnual : “Head Dress” : 2014 : 200x140cm : Mixed Media on Canvas : SING $9900

Vichit Nongnual "Serene" 140x180cm

Tusk Gallery : Vichit Nongnual : “Serene” 140x180cm : 2014 : Mixed Media on Canvas : SING $9990


Lisa Morgan : Sunshine Coast, Queensland : Australia

Lisa is one of our top selling and overall most popular artists. She is originally from New Zealand but has now settled on The Sunshine Coast in Southern Queensland.

Lisa Morgan " No ordinary Land" 180x150cm

Tusk Gallery : Lisa Morgan ” No ordinary Land” : 2014 : Oil, Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas :180x150cm : SING $4990


Lisa Morgan "Summer Haiku" 160x120cm

Tusk Gallery : Lisa Morgan : “Summer Haiku”  : 2013 : Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal on Canvas : 120x150cm : SING $3990


Lisa Morgan "Pod Gathering II" 140x140cm

Tusk Gallery : Lisa Morgan : “Pod Gathering II” : 2014 : Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal on Canvas : 140x140cm : SING $3990

Paitoon Jumee : Bangkok : Thailand

Over the past 2 years Paitoon has been our strongest selling artist.

Paitoon Jumee "Serenity" 115x145cm

Tusk Gallery : Paitoon Jumee : “Serenity” : 2013 : Mixed Media on Canvas : 115x145cm : SING $5990


Paitoon Jumee "Meditation" 145x200cm

Tusk Gallery : Paitoon Jumee : “Meditation” : 2013 : Mixed media in Canvas : 145x200cm : SING $8990


Paitoon Jumee " Serenity II" 200x145cm

Tusk Gallery : Paitoon Jumee : ” Serenity II” : 2013 : Mixed Media on Canvas : 200x145cm : SING $8990

Aninta Boonnotok : Bangkok : Thailand

Aninta is a designer and artist from Bangkok Thailand. The pieces that we propose to bring to Singapore a smaller than the rest of the art. They are limited edition prints framed in beautiful handmade perspex boxes plus hand inscribed sculptures.


Aninta Boonnotok : Ninja Blush : Perspex Framed L/E

Tusk Gallery : Aninta Boonnotok : Ninja Blush II : 2014 : Perspex Framed L/E : 25x25cm : SING $395


Tusk Gallery : Aninta Boonnotok : Ninja Blush I : L/E Framed in Perspex 25x25cm : 2014 : SING $395

Tusk Gallery : Aninta Boonnotok : Ninja Blush I : L/E Framed in Perspex 25x25cm : 2014 : SING $395


Aninta Boonnotok

Aninta Boonnotok

Attasit Pokpong : Thailand

Tusk Gallery : Attasit Pokpong : "Purple" : 2011: Oil on Canvas : 120x120cm

Tusk Gallery : Attasit Pokpong : “Purple” : 2011: Oil on Canvas : 120x120cm : SING $7490

Tusk Gallery : Attasit Pokpong : "Two Beauties" : 2011 : Oil On Canvas : 150x120cm

Tusk Gallery : Attasit Pokpong : “Two Beauties” : 2011 : Oil On Canvas : 150x120cm : SING $9990

Narate Kathong : Thailand

Tusk Gallery : Narate Kathong : Nature's Cathedral : Acrylic and Oil on Canvas : 150x120cm : SING $6990

Tusk Gallery : Narate Kathong : Nature’s Cathedral : 2013 : Acrylic and Oil on Canvas : 150x120cm : SING $6990


Tusk Gallery : Narate Kathong : Autumn's Blanket : 2014 : Acrylic and Oil on canvas : 150x120cm : SING $6990

Tusk Gallery : Narate Kathong : Autumn’s Blanket : 2014 : Acrylic and Oil on canvas : 150x120cm : SING $6990


John Martono

John Martono graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design at Bandung Institute of Technology with a Major in Textile Design. Since graduating, he has remained a loyal creative in the realm of textile and continues to fill the void of exhibiting artists in this genre. His works document his 10-year long journey in exploring silk, both synthetic and natural. Silk is not only a rare material for artistic expression, but it is also incredibly unpredictable and has a certain flatness that is more difficult to work past than canvas. However, John masterfully controls the pigments of the paint so that they seep into the large pores of the silk – allowing it to be shaped in such a way as to break away from the common standards of abstract painting on canvas. Not only does John paint on silk, he also weaves giving it a rich texture and in some cases, building certain images and associations.   Composed in bright colors –the psychedelic “colors of the 70s” as he called them- John’s silk paintings are produced through a series of unique creative processes. He rejoices through these processes while listening to the blues, his favorite music, his “vitamin,” as he refers to it. In general, John’s paintings reflect his spiritual experience. Not only do they represent joyous and pleasurable moments, but they also depict his darker memories and experiences. Selected Exhibitions: 1995.Asian Textile Art Exhibition, Taegu, South Korea. 1996.Contemporary Textile Art Exhibition, National Gallery Jakarta, Indonesia. 2000.Kyoto Textile Art Exhibition, Japan. 2001.Art and Craft Exhibition, Postdam, Germany. 2002.Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Jakarta, Indonesia. 2003.Mapping Asia Exhibition, Taiwan 2007,The 5th Asia Textile Art Exhibition, Okinawa, Japan 2007, The World Trienale Textile Art, Poland 2008 Asian Textile Art Exhibition, Bentara Budaya Galery ,Jakarta 2010 The Reflection Of Indonesia Contemporary Art, Lawang Art, Bandung 2013 Contemporary Weaving Exhibition, China 2013 Silk painting exhibition, Grassi Museum Berlin 2013 Solo Exhibition “Hand Embroidery Silk Painting”, Royal Cun Lan Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 2013 Solo Exhibition “Hand Embroidery silk painting” Bentara Budaya Jakarta 2014 Tusk Gallery : Melbourne https://tuskgallery.com/2014/01/14/john-martono-painted-silk-hand-embroidery/#more-3176

Tiffany Calder Kingston

  A passion for art, along with formal design training, saw Tiffany work for 15 years as a freelance commercial artist and designer in Melbourne.  Tiffany became renowned for stunning mural art, public projects and designing creative concepts for the business world in Australia and New Zealand.   In 2004, Tiffany moved to Byron Bay in Northern NSW to rediscover her raw artistic expression and to be close to the natural environment from which she draws her creative inspiration to paint.     Throughout the last four years Tiffany has exhibited in group exhibitions and art shows locally and interstate and in 2010 produced a collection of works for two successful back to back solo exhibitions in Brisbane and Byron Bay titled ‘Habitat’ and ‘Voices of the Earth’. Following the success of these shows her artwork has recently headed to New York, L.A and throughout Australia.   Since living in Byron Bay, Tiffany’s artistic focus has been to explore the relationship of nature in primitive and present day cultures. Her style represents how each element is connected. That one cannot exist without the other.   “My work specifically examines the differing ideals between cultures who worship and those that neglect elements of nature”.   Tiffany donates a percentage of all artwork sales to wildlife and environmental charities including the WSPA, Rain Forest Rescue, and Animals Australia. https://tuskgallery.com/2013/05/27/tusk-gallery-presents-natural-elements-an-art-exhibition/

Paitoon Jumee

Paitoon Jumee (b.1978) is a young contemporary Thai artist from Bangkok. Paitoon studied art at the Thai Vijitsil Art School 93-96 and ay Thailand’s prestigious Pohchang University 96-98.   Paitoon’s bold female portraits and stunning figurative male nudes are a real statement on the walls at Tusk Gallery. His pieces are highly sought after by collectors all over the world and don’t last long usually being snapped up within just days of completion. Tusk Gallery has been exhibiting the artwork of Paitoon Jumee for around 4 years.   Paitoon’s portraits contrast the masculine and the feminine – highlighting the delicate features of the female face including the neck, eyes, and jawline, whilst using masculine colours and raw textures. His pieces successfully represent elements of traditional Thai aesthetics whilst also maintaining a fundamentally contemporary feel that appeals to viewers all over the globe.   Selected Exhibitions: 1998 22 Bua Luang Exhibition of painting, Bangkok 2007 Art Expo at central Chitlom, Bangkok 2008 Art Expo at River City , Bangkok 2008 A Preview of the Future, Somerset Hotel, Bangkok 2008 Art Expo Malaysia 2009 Neo Black, River City , Bangkok 2009 See Sow Seen, River City , Bangkok 2009 Black and White [Grand 7] 2009 Aesthetics of body, Silom Galleria, Bangkok 2011 Melbourne’s Affordable Art Fair, Australia 2011  Lady First, V64 artstudio, Bangkok 2012 Group Exhibition, Grand Opening at V64 art studio, Bangkok 2012 Group Exhibition, “Black and White Paintings”, V64, Bangkok 2012  Installation and Sculpture Exhibition “UP TO GO”, V64, Bangkok 2013   Tusk Gallery, Melbourne 2014   Tusk Gallery, Melbourne https://tuskgallery.com/2013/06/05/the-stunning-art-of-paitoon-jumee/#more-2221

Aninta Boonnotok

Aninta reflects a fresh approach to art in Thailand. In recent times I’ve noticed more diversity in what is being created by a new breed of young Thai Artists. Aninta graduated from the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in bangkok. Georgie and I visited the University just last weekend to attend an exhibition of young artists called “Under The Radar” (BTW the Uni grounds are so big that by the time we found the exhibition space we really understood the name). Aninta is an illustrator, graphic designer, painter….these talents are reflected in the finished pieces that we are now lucky to have on display at Tusk Gallery. We met Aninta through our good friend Pongsak (Ty). https://tuskgallery.com/2014/05/09/aninta-boonnotok/#more-3683

Lisa Morgan

Lisa’s paintings are a study of beauty and colour, a study of the light and the vibrancy of her surroundings where she currently lives on the Sunshine Coast. “Birds, and particularly trees, bring such joy to my vista on a daily basis and for this reason I also love to incorporate them into my work”. “I enjoy weaving figures, mostly women, through a painting but often put the shadow of a man alongside which somehow brings me face to face with a woman’s reality…that of many journeys and numerous farewells…be it with lovers, children, friends or someone who has been significant to my life”.   Exhibitions 2014 – Tusk Gallery Melbourne 2013 – Tusk Gallery Melbourne Lisa took several years off painting due to ill health. In 2013 she started having sellout exhibitions at Tusk Gallery in Melbourne, Australia 2010 – Carringtons Gallery 2009 – Chocol’art, Noosa 2006 – Pure Blanc, Hastings Street, Noosa Heads 2005 – Chocol’art, Montville 2003 – Homewares on Main, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise 2001 – On the River, Noosa Awards 2013 Winner, Mixed Media, Immanuel Arts Festival https://tuskgallery.com/2013/05/23/lisa-morgan/#more-1984

Cheryl Petersen

Artist, gallery proprietor, art teacher, jewellery designer, gallery curator and resident artist of Cheryl Petersen Galleries, Cheryl has been painting ‘from the heart’ for over a decade now. “I’m always in the right space for painting. I get lost in the trance and rhythm created when I connect my mood at the time to brush and then to canvas. From as far back as she can remember she loved to draw and to write, these were two constant friends throughout a somewhat turbulent childhood. She found the courage to reunite with one of these friends, drawing, by enrolling as a mature age graphic design student, majoring in illustration at Monash University in 1998. For many years she worked as an illustrator for children’s books, her work regularly in demand. However, this was not where her passion lay, and so with the support of her husband, she sold up her home to finance Cheryl Petersen Galleries. She now lives and breathes, exhibits and teaches painting, her passion. The rich, vibrant, organic yet clean lines of her acrylic and mixed media works brought to life on canvas contain an immense joy. Cheryl’s last Solo Exhibition at Tusk Gallery Camberwell was in November 2013. https://tuskgallery.com/2013/10/25/ethereal-a-solo-exhibition-by-melbourne-artist-cheryl-petersen/#more-2854

Attasit Pokpong

Education : Vocation, Nakornsawan Vocational College Diploma, Ratchamongkol Institution, (Poh chang Faculty) Graduated, Ratchamongkol Institution (Klong 6) Born 1977   Exhibition : 2013 V64 Bangkok 2012, June 21-24 – Art Basel Switzerland 2012, July 21 – August 21 – Exhibition”UP TO GU” Bkk, Thailand 2012, March 16-25 – Group Exhibition”Black & White Paintings Bkk, Thailand 2012, Februrary 17- March 22 – Exhibition At The Plantation Urban Resort and Spa, Cambodia 2012, January 20- Februrary 20 – Group Exhibition Grand Opening Bkk,Thailand 2011, October 7-23 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG Antwerpen, Belgium 2011 Late May – Art Melbourne. Represented by Tusk Gallery 2011,May 12 – 28 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG Beirut, Lebanon 2011,April 29 – May 2 – Group Exhibition Hongkong 2010, Dec 14 -2011,Jan 7 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG Cambodia 2010, October 7- October23 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG Beirut, Lebanon 2010,May 22- June 20 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG Brugge, Belgium 2010 Tusk Gallery Melbourne 2009,November 5 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG Paris 2009, October 1 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG At Cambodia 2009, Sep 12 – Exhibition ” STAR IN THE PAST ” Bkk, Thailand 2009, June 26 – Group Exhibition Grand Opening Bkk, Thailand 2009, May 31 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG Shanghai,China 2008 – Solo Paintings Exhibition By ATTASIT POKPONG At JAMJUREE 2007 – Water Colour Exhibition ” THE WAY OF LIFE ” 2006 – Water Colour Exhibition ” ABOUT TOWN ” By ATTASIT POKPONG 2005 – Water Colour Exhibition ” THAILAND CULTURE SHOW & PAINTING EXHIBITION ” At Thai Ambassader 2004 – Water Colour Exhibition ” MY VIEW ” Bangkok – Drawing Exhibition ” EMOTION & MOVEMENT ” Bangkok 1999 – An Art Object Exhibition ” SON SILP ” – An Art Object Exhibition ” ARTIST SQUARE ” 1998 – An Art Object Exhibition Colour Exhibition ” COLOUR & LIGHT ” https://tuskgallery.com/2012/11/26/attasit-pokpong/#more-250

Vichit Nongnual

Vichit Nongnual is a Thai artist famous among collectors, gallery owners and enthusiasts of Art in Europe, including France. Vichit did his formal education at Bangkok’s famous Silpakorn University,  He set up his own studio, Eco-Clayabout 100 kms out of Bangkok. Tusk Gallery has been exhibiting Vichit’s sculpture, ceramics and paintings for the past 7 years. https://tuskgallery.com/thai-artists/vichit-nongnual/#more-2351

Narate Kathong

Date of Birth 13 September 1975 Place of Birth Phayao Province, Northern Thailand Education Primary Education Ban Ingkong School, Phayao Province (1982-1988) Secondary Education Witayakom School, Phayao Province (1988-1991) Vocational Institute Certificate in Painting, Rajamangala University of Technology, Phayap Campus, Chiangmai Province, 1991 – 1993 Graduate School Certificate in Printing Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Pohchang Campus, Bangkok, 1996 – 1999 Influence Pointillism and impressionism. He has strong influence by two artists namely La Grande Jatte and Claude Monet. Narate has been exhibiting his art at Tusk Gallery Melbourne for the past 6 years. In the past few years his art has been featured in art fairs throughout Asia. https://tuskgallery.com/2013/08/31/welcome-to-spring-2013/#more-2545

Bas Dylan Aka Pongsakul Chalao

Bas was born in 1988. He studied art at The College of Fine Arts Bunditpatansilpa Institute in Thailand. Bas creates highly detailed scenes of life in Bangkok by cutting denim into very precise shapes that he then patiently sews them together. He’s really captured the feel of the Chao Phraya River in these 2 pieces. “I use different materials which give opposite meanings such as hard and soft, peace and movement, etc. They were combined and adjusted in order to create a new meaning, difference is not that which is contrary or conflicting, it’s a truth that stays side by side of each other”. https://tuskgallery.com/2014/02/20/pongsakul-chalao-art-created-with-recycled-denim-2/#more-3389

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