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New Artist: Sarah Boulton

We are so happy to announce that local artist Sarah Boulton has now joined Tusk Gallery and will be exhibited as part of our upcoming group exhibition, Serendipity, opening on Thursday May 15th.


Sarah grew up in Melbourne but decided to make the move to the historic town of Castlemaine in 2000. Sarah’s work consequently draws on the visual juxtaposition between urban and industrial landscapes. Primarily, she deconstructs the natural environment in the surrounding Central Victorian Goldfields.


“I create tactile impressions, incorporating pen and ink, acrylic and macro images. The images transverse the interior & exterior on an empathetically cellular level” – Sarah Boulton –

Magical City SOLD

Her work amalgamates aerial views through an axial landscape. Using her internal lens she creates architecture of the mind. These complex terrains have a morphic resonance, which subsequently facilitate the occurrences found in geological synergy. Her work represents urban activity in a rural setting. The pace of urban life is condensed within the rural landscape just as it is in human nature. She endeavours through her work to communicate an internal dialogue to give us an insight into what lies beyond the surface.

To RSVP to the “Serendipity” Group Exhibition and view Sarah’s incredible collection in person, email us at southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au