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Cheryl Petersen

Tamara's Garden 100x100cm (fdo)

Tamara’s Garden 100x100cm (fho)

CP009 100x100cm Incomplete, there is more work to do on this painting (acfo)

CP009 100x100cm Incomplete, there is more work to do on this painting (acfo)

Incomplete 100x100cm more work to do (acfo)Incomplete 100x100cm more work to do (acfo)

Flame Trees 100x100cm (acfo)

Flame Trees 100x100cm (acfo)


Incomplete 100x100cm (acfo) more work to be done

Incomplete 100x100cm (acfo) more work to be done

Flames and Red Earth 90x120cm (bodo)

Flames and Red Earth 90x120cm (bodo)

Dragonfly Wonder 50x80cm (dho)

Dragonfly Wonder 50x80cm (eao)

Another Flame 141x90cm (agfo)

Another Flame 141x90cm

Golden Fields 120x90cm (addo)

Golden Fields 120x90cm (aeco)

Red Branches 100x100cm (aabo)

Red Branches 100x100cm (aaio)

Beyond The Light 120x120cm (aabo)

Beyond The Light 120x120cm (aaio)

Incomplete, will be finished in 7 Days (acfo)

Incomplete, will be finished in 7 Days

Lost Love 100x100 (aaio)

Lost Love 100×100 (aaio)

Flower Princes 50x50cm includes frame (eao)

Flower Princes 50x50cm includes frame (eao)

Dreams of Blue 160x90cm (ahgo)

Dreams of Blue 160x90cm (ahgo)

Derinya Flames 160x90cm (ahgo)

Derinya Flames 160x90cm (ahgo)


Electric 150x150 (urro) Aust Only

Electric 150×150 (urro)
Aust Only

Explosive 150x150 (urro) Aust Only

Explosive 150×150 (urro) Aust Only

Explosion 180x150cm (srro) Aust Only

Explosion 180x150cm (srro)
Aust Only




Cheryl Petersen studied Graphic Design at Monash University in 1998 as a mature age student and majored in illustration where upon completing university she worked both as a freelance illustrator and a jewellery designer.

As an illustrator she worked on several magazines and books including “Willis and the Echo” written by Craig Wellington and published by Hyland House, ”Jack the Giant Killer” and a selection of Hans Christian Anderson stories published by Pan McMillan. Her portfolio of work also extends to various children’s poetry books and book covers for Reed Books and various magazines and brochures.

“Mostly I paint to my moods, it is the foundation for my inspiration. My best works seem to happen naturally when I am totally absorbed in the moment. If I feel like painting the whole canvas black I will and then I just see what happens next….no planning, no contriving…just letting it flow. I try not to control my work too much, I prefer to keep the spontaneity flowing. I think it’s very important to be a good artist technically, but it is just as important to be able to create freely and originally from the heart.”

Cheryl has become well known for her style of work, which includes a large array of vivid designs & enriching colour, full of beauty & joy. Her background is evident in the often whimsical portrayal of subjects in her art.. 002297.gif

The Art of Pila Pansumrit

Pila Pansumrit is an Abstract Expressionist artist living and working out of Bangkok, Thailand. She studied Fine Arts at the well-respected King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Bangkok.

Throughout her artistic studies, Pila was always fascinated with the work of the American Abstract Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock. Pollock is most famous for his physical involvement in his work, and the subsequent dripping technique he utilised. Pila was influenced by this technique and has explored her own methods of dripping and action painting.

Jackson Pollock at work on One, 1950, with Lee Krasner in the background.

Jackson Pollock “in motion”, at work on “One”, 1950, with Lee Krasner in the background.

Pila is inspired by the environment around her, both in a personal and much greater sense. Her works evoke her own emotive experiences and perceptions of the world, whilst drawing on imagery of the universe – specifically the cosmos, and satellite imagery of the earth. Her mixture of dripping and sponging, as well as her clever use of colour contrasting reaffirms her works inclusion in the Abstract Expressionist realm.

"Eternity" 140x140cm

Pila Pansumrit, “Eternity”, 140x140cm

Pila Pansumrit, "Illuminations", 170x140cm

Pila Pansumrit, “Illuminations”, 170x140cm

Pila has been exhibiting at Tusk Gallery for many years now. She exhibits thoroughly in Thailand and throughout Asia.

Pila’s work is currently on display at Tusk South Yarra as part of the group show “Urban Amazons and other Electicities”. To see the full range of Pila’s work in display click here.

For enquiries into Pila’s work email southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au or phone us on (03) 9827 3338.



A Group exhibition featuring the art and sculpture of Tiffany Calder Kingston, Sarah Boulton, Witoon Krengnarongdath, Ingrid and Klaus Dusselberg.
Opening Mat 15th 2014 at Tusk Gallery : 438 Chapel St South Yarra.
The piece featured above is Ebb and Flow by Byron Bay artist Tiffany Calder Kingston.
We’ll have live music on the night by Luke and Loz, a duo who play a jazzy contemporary laid-back mix of guitar and voice.
I’ll be adding to this blog as time goes on.
R.S.V.P to southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au

Serendipity : A Group Exhibition opening on May 15 at Tusk Gallery

Our next exhibition at Tusk Gallery, South Yarra will be a group exhibition featuring the art of Byron Bay artist Tiffany Calder Kingston, the sculpture of Ingrid and Klaus Dusellberg and the paintings of Victorian artist Sarah Boulton.

The exhibition is named Serendipity, which means “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident”. Serendipity sort of sums up how Tusk Gallery operates…….


Tiffany Calder Kingston

The exhibition will run until mid June. You can even send in your RSVP to southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au or ring Olivia or Katie on 03 9827 3338.

Last Thursdays opening was packed so get in early.

Klaus Dusselberg

Klaus Dusselberg

Ingrid Dusselberg

Ingrid Dusselberg


Sarah Boulton