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Pongsakul Chalao : Art created with recycled denim…….

embroidery-artistPongsakul Chalao : Art created with recycled denim.......

Pongsak was born in 1988. He studied art at The College of Fine Arts Bunditpatansilpa Institute in Thailand.
Pongsak creates highly detailed scenes of life in Bangkok by cutting denim into very precise shapes that he then patiently sews them together.
He’s really captured the feel of the Chao Phraya River in these 2 pieces.

“I use  different materials which give opposite meanings such as hard and soft, peace and movement, etc. They were combined and adjusted in order to create a new meaning, difference is not that which is contrary or conflicting, it’s a truth that stays side by side of each other”.

Another denim artist from London, Ian Berry is taking the art world by storm.
Here’s a bit of an insight into Ian follow the link.


Here are some examples of Pongsakul’s Denim Art

Denim 2 Full Size Denim 2 on Wall DEnim 1 on Wall
Pongsak’s pieces are 145x110cm.

pongsakul-chaolao pongsakul-chaolao-artwork-3-590x442

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