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Boxing Day Special Offer : Fine Art Prints : 50% Off : Framed & Unframed


Framed Giclee prints by Paitoon Jumee. Image size is 75x100cm. Finished frame size approx 100x130cm.

_MG_4438 _MG_4441 _MG_4446 _MG_4449

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve had a Daily Offer which has been embraced with open arms.
Todays offer is huge. We’ll give you 50% Off any of these fine art prints that you order and pay between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

Your print/s framed and unframed will be ready by the end of January.

_MG_6015 _MG_6016

4 pieces by Chinese artist Wei Ru. Image is 80x80cm plus a white border which makes them approx 95x95cm.

Full price of prints is $595 each. Today’s Price $295. Save $300

Framed in a Charcoal Box Frame. Full Price $995. Today’s Price $495. Save $500.


The next print on offer is Attasit Pokpong’s “Boy in a Yellow Shirt”. Image size 75x100cm. Paper Size 90x115cm. Framed approx 100x125cm.

Print Only : Full Price is $895, today $495 Save $400.

Framed with a double mount in a Charcoal Box Frame. Full Price $1495. Today $750. Save $745.


Next up are a series of Fine Art prints by Paitoon Jumee. Here are the images that we have available.



Next up is a beautiful series of 4 portraits by Kowit Wattanarach.  Images are 80x100cm. Paper size approx 95x115cm. Full price for the Art prints is $995, today we are offering them for $495. You’ll save $500.

Framed with a double Mount Full price is $1695. Today $850. Save $845.

_MG_4449 _MG_4446 _MG_4441 _MG_4438


The four images above are by Thai artist Kowit Wattanarach. Images are 80x100cm. Paper size approx 95x115cm. Contact me at art@tuskgallery.com.au for framing options and prices.


Kitti’s Studio by Kitti narod. Image size 80x80cm, paper 95x95cm. Full price is $595 but this one is also half price until New Year’s Eve  2013.

_MG_6025 _MG_6021

These two beautiful landscapes are by Thai Artist, Dusit Pimchangthong. Once again image size is 80x80cm. Paper 95x95cm Full price is $595.

Keep tuned for more…………

Pongsakul Chalao : Art created with recycled denim…….

embroidery-artistPongsakul Chalao : Art created with recycled denim.......

Pongsak was born in 1988. He studied art at The College of Fine Arts Bunditpatansilpa Institute in Thailand.
Pongsak creates highly detailed scenes of life in Bangkok by cutting denim into very precise shapes that he then patiently sews them together.
He’s really captured the feel of the Chao Phraya River in these 2 pieces.

“I use  different materials which give opposite meanings such as hard and soft, peace and movement, etc. They were combined and adjusted in order to create a new meaning, difference is not that which is contrary or conflicting, it’s a truth that stays side by side of each other”.

Another denim artist from London, Ian Berry is taking the art world by storm.
Here’s a bit of an insight into Ian follow the link.


Here are some examples of Pongsakul’s Denim Art

Denim 2 Full Size Denim 2 on Wall DEnim 1 on Wall
Pongsak’s pieces are 145x110cm.

pongsakul-chaolao pongsakul-chaolao-artwork-3-590x442

30% off Custom Framing: January 2014


We are starting off 2014 with a special treat for Tusk and Graphic Impressions customers! For the month of January we will be offering 30% off the RRP of ALL custom framing jobs. This offer will only be valid for the month of January 2014 so if you have something you are wanting to get framed, pop into either Tusk Gallery South Yarra or Graphic Impressions Camberwell to take advantage of this offer. You’d be surprised what is possible in the world of framing so don’t be afraid to visit us for a quote or consultation. Please note, Graphic Impressions Camberwell is our framing hub so the range of framing options there is much more expansive and their staff are highly trained in all kinds of framing so I would recommend you visit them.


We have had quite a few customers come into the gallery who are trying to create harmonious arrangements of frames and smaller canvases but are having difficulty deciding how they want them to be displayed. So here is a helpful guide to some potential display options for your frames to get you inspired!


Any questions about this offer or our framing services please contact Tusk Gallery on (03) 9827 3338, or Graphic Impressions Camberwell on (03) 9882 2174.

_MG_2481.tiff Morso IMG_0291 IMG_1198 img-keep-calm-custom-frame IMG_3926

Special Exhibition Extension until the New Year!

From now until the end of this year, Tusk Gallery South Yarra will be continuing the display of our “Nothing Without Love” exhibition, and Graphic Impressions Camberwell will continue with their “Ethereal” Cheryl Petersen solo show. This means that you will now be able to view the remainder of their collections until the New Year! Several of these works have already sold, so if you are interested in viewing these collections make sure you visit either of our gallery spaces ASAP! First in, best dressed.

“Nothing Without Love”

Where: Tusk Gallery, 438 Chapel Street, South Yarra, 3141.

Who: Zoe Ellenberg, Jacqui Doran, Carolyn O’Neill, and Sophie Gralton.



Where: Graphic Impressions, 76 Harold Street, Camberwell, 3124.

Who: Cheryl Petersen.

"Black Night" 180x150cm

“Black Night” 180x150cm

If you are interested in either of these shows, please visit one of our galleries or make an enquiry at southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au or phone (03) 9827 3338.

New Artist: Jacqui Doran

Jacqui is a London born artist now residing in Byron Bay, Australia, and has been working in the field of painting & sculpture since 1993. Her work is very distinctive and pays emphasis to the worlds of childhood, adolescence and the animal kingdom – beautifying and objectifying. She embraces a new sensibility and her unbridled use of colour delivers a direct impact on the viewer. Her contemporary paintings explore issues of freedom, fearlessness and our connection to the animal world resonating between beauty and frailty and driven by the realms of popular & youth culture.

"Forever Yours" 120x150cm, Mixed media on linen

“Forever Yours” 120x150cm, Mixed media on linen

Her animal imagery reflects how animals live in a parallel world to us, feeling depths of emotional vulnerability, sadness, happiness, contentment and madness. Jacqui has stated, “Children and animals share two great characteristics that as adults we sometimes miss – the freedom of intuitive play and the joy & freedom of being at one with their natural environment. For this show I wish to harness a little bit of that magic and transcend us to a time where our lives were full of imagination and wonderment at the world.”

"Hey!" 30x25cm, mixed media on linen with silver leaf

“Hey!” 30x25cm, mixed media on linen with silver leaf

Jacqui has exhibited widely around Australia and in England. Her work is collected globally.

A selection of Jacqui’s works are now on display at Tusk South Yarra as part of the group show “Nothing Without Love”. Her collection can be viewed online here.