New Artist: Carolyn O’Neill

We are very excited at Tusk to welcome Australian artist Carolyn O’Neill to the family!

Carolyn O'Neill at work

Carolyn O’Neill at work

Carolyn paints with her moods, using the canvas as a means of self-expression. The genuine emotional connection between artist and canvas is evident in her paintings.

Carolyn associates herself with Abstract Expressionism – with its emphasis on spontaneous, automatic or subconscious creation. The Abstract Expressionists broke away from the accepted conventions of art in both technique and subject matter. Their works are foremost reflections of their own psyches and emotions. Like Carolyn, they valued spontaneity and improvisation, believing that the process of creation was just as important, if not more so, than the end product. Their imagery is primarily abstract – even when depicting images based on visual realities, they favored a highly abstracted mode. Carolyn conveys emotion mostly through the use of colour, specifically open fields of colour arranged together. 

Although her preferred medium is painting, she also enjoys drawing, mixed media collages and sculpture. 

"Sunshine on a Rainy Day" 180x100cm, oil on canvas

“Sunshine on a Rainy Day”
180x100cm, oil on canvas

Carolyn’s creative process is an intuitive one; incorporating physical, spiritual and emotional aspects.  Art encompasses every aspect of her life and her central goal is for her art to develop a strong emotional connection with her audience.

Carolyn’s latest works will be included in Tusk’s next group show, “Nothing Without Love”, opening November Thursday 28th 6-9pm. To RSVP please email

To see Carolyn’s work click here.

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