Legends of Australian Art: Part II: David Larwill

Continuing on from last week’s write-up about Australian artist Adam Cullen, this week I thought David Larwill deserved a bit of conversation.

David Larwill was (and still is) one of Australia’s most significant and influential artists.

David Larwill

David Larwill

Born in Ballarat, Larwill studied at the Prahran College of Advanced Education and the Preston Institute of Technology, before founding ROAR studios in Melbourne with Mark Schaller in 1979.

The artist's of ROAR together at their 30th anniversary

The artist’s of ROAR together at their 30th anniversary, including Mark Schaller, Karan Hayman, and Pasquale Giardino.

Larwill and his fellow ROAR contemporaries aimed to separate themselves from the grip of established galleries, attempting instead to reinvent painting, producing expressive and vibrant works. Larwill’s works were bold, unrefined and primitivist giving them a somewhat naïve quality. However this can be misleading, for beneath this facade of naivety, was a considerable sophistication.

Larwill’s feelings, moods and expressions are represented in each work through compositions consisting of tribal like figures and the use of bold colour. Inspired by several visits to Arnhem Land and Central Australia, as well as to Morocco, Europe and New York, Larwill’s works portray a primal strength.

"Little King" L/E Print, 80x64cm

David Larwill “Little King” L/E Print, 80x64cm, Available at Tusk South Yarra

David Larwill, "Remember Me", L/E Print 110x75cm, available at Tusk South Yarra

David Larwill, “Remember Me”, L/E Print 110x75cm, available at Tusk South Yarra

Sadly, David Larwill passed away in 2011 at the age 54 from lung cancer. Larwill significantly contributed to the Australian art world, and his work is now included in major collections such as the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne and the New Parliament House, Canberra. His influence on contemporary Australian art is forever present and will no doubt remain a part of the Australian identity.

To see the full range of David Larwill works available at Tusk click here

To make an enquiry into any of these works please email us at southyarra@tuskgallery.com.au or phone (03) 9827 3338.

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