The Big Picture

Here at Tusk we like to stay in tune with what art trends are favoured by interior designers as well as what our customers are increasingly looking for. It seems that lately, many people are looking for art with the outlook “Go big or go home!”. Interior designers and buyers alike are increasingly looking to make a statement in their homes, with more and more people asking for 1 large-scale work to make enough of a statement in their space that little else is then required.

Designers and buyers are increasingly favouring large portraits to create their desired impact. While this look may not be for everyone, they have a great potential for dramatic effect. Below are some examples from various publications of the impact that the right piece of art can have on your home:

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Currently on display at Tusk Art Gallery is our group show “Reflections” featuring some of the best contemporary Thai artists. Several of the artists on display specialise in large portraits, including Paitoon Jumee, Attasit Pokpong (recently featured in The Age’s Life and Style lift-out), Jirasak Plabootong, Vichit Nongnual, Silawit Poolsawit, Kowit Wattanarach, and Aranya Khun.

If you are interested in any of our artists, or perhaps need some help in finding your perfect artwork, please don’t hesitate to contact Tusk! (03) 9827 3338 or email

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