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New Lisa Morgan Painting

New Lisa Morgan Painting

This is a brand new painting by Sunshine Coast artist, Lisa Morgan. It is entitled “The Turquoise Sea” Size 120x90cm.

I dreamed a treasure’s hiding place
Was like the snow-white strand
Between a jewelled turquoise sea
And some exotic land,
And in my dream the sea had gone
A billion years ago,
But still I’d find the treasure’s lair,
For, looking, I would know
That some things tell of vanished seas
And some of vanished land,
And finding both, I’d look between
And find the hidden strand,
And in the strand a treasure-trove
— the vision promised me —
But morning’s finger touched the dream
That held the vanished sea,
And suddenly Space changed to Time
And In-between to Now,
And there I found the treasured strand,
The likeness showed me how.

Author Unknown

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