Here, There, and Everywhere

“Here, There, and Everywhere” is Tusk Gallery’s upcoming group exhibition featuring Australian artists Ralf Kempken, Cheryl Petersen, and various supporting artists from the Tusk family.

Tusk Gallery is fortunate to have a range of artists from different parts of the globe and different backgrounds, with varying techniques, ideas and motivations. It is these differences that we are celebrating in our latest exhibition!

Ralf Kempken is a stencil and screen artist from “here” (Inner Melbourne) whose works deal with aspects of memory, and of places and faces in the not so distant past. His works are produced with multi layered stencils/screens, aerosol paint and acrylic brushwork. His latest collection focuses on an icon of Melbourne – the tram, specifically the W-Class trams that have maintained a solid presence in the Melbourne lifestyle. Ralf’s pieces act as windows into the past as well as reflections of the present, documenting the history of our beautiful city.

Ralf Kempken, "W-Class trams", various colours.

Ralf Kempken, “W-Class trams”, 90x90cm each, various colours.

Cheryl Petersen is an illustrator and artist from “there” (Mornington Peninsula) whose works capture her inner joy and happiness. Cheryl paints spontaneously and from the heart, using a unique mixed media technique. Her works can’t help but bring their viewers an overwhelming feeling of joy and warmth, spurring within them feelings of sentimentality and inciting personal memories.

Cheryl Petersen, "Tree of Life", 150x110cm

Cheryl Petersen, “Tree of Life”, 150x110cm

In addition, we will be featuring various artists within the Tusk family from “everywhere”, all over the globe!

“Here, There, and Everywhere” will open at Tusk Gallery on Wednesday July 31st from 6pm.

RSVP to Tusk Gallery at or call (03) 9827 3338

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