The Art of Melissa Read Devine

"The Shawl"

Melissa Read Devine, “The Shawl”, 76cm x 76cm

Tusk Gallery has been exhibiting the art of Melissa Read Devine since we first met her at Art Melbourne back in 2011. Her vibrant artworks bring the walls of Tusk to life and have remained a strong favourite amongst our customers.

Melissa was born in England in the 1960s and as a child emigrated to Australia with her family. She has studied & practiced printmaking and painting continuously for the past 14 years and is a recipient of many prizes and awards. Her artwork is part of many private and public collections around the world.

Living in rural Sydney overlooking the Hawkesbury River, Melissa’s work ranges between vibrant interpretations of her local landscape to intricate wood & linocuts. Her combination of quirkiness and calm blend to create works with a strong spiritual base. Melissa’s beautiful colour combinations and attention to detail make her representations of Australian landscapes unique and appealing to a variety of audiences. Her technique is particularly interesting, reminiscent of the Pointillist technique favoured by various Impressionist painters such as Georges Seurat. Pointillism is a technique of painting where small dots of colour are used to form an overall image. Up close, the work can appear like a pattern of vibrant colour, yet when looked at from a distance these dots combine to form a beautiful representation of Melissa’s scenic surroundings.

Melissa’s work is currently on display as part of Tusk Gallery’s group exhibition “Natural Elements” until July 7th. Come into the gallery to view her stunning pieces for yourself!

Alternatively, click the above image to view her collection online.

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