Gary Collier, Director at Tusk Gallery

Kellianne Wong

With his short, ashy-white hair, deep-set chestnut brown eyes and rotund yet robust build, Gary Collier exudes an inexplicable air of a confident and worldly man. His smooth baritone voice is sonorous and deep, reminiscent of a national network news anchor. Despite having recently turned 61 in February, Gary is the embodiment of youthful vigour. You would think Gary was in his 20s, from his self-assured stance and the way his enthusiasm and self-deprecating humour slips into his every sentence. He expertly taps away at his iPad as he demonstrates the operation of the Walnut Art app. “I can get a picture of [the customer’s] wall… then I can put the painting on their wall for them so they get a visualisation of what it’ll look like. It’s really simple but fantastic.” Unlike a large majority of the older generation who remain disengaged from technology, Gary is a member of the…

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