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Tusk Gallery at Fiveways, Kalorama

Tusk Gallery at Fiveways, Kalorama

Kalorama is the Greek word for “beautiful view”. Fiveways at Kalorama has one of the most beautiful views in the Dandenong Ranges.
Now that spring has come along I’ve created a little office outside, surrounded by flowers, trees and gorgeous fresh air.
We are currently only open on weekends but are working on ways to keep the doors open 7 days a week.
The Gallery space is very deceptive. From the outside it appears to be quite small but when you get inside this illusion is shattered. You’ll find five rooms of unique paintings.
Kalorama is a small community located just north of Mount Dandenong in the bushy and scenic Dandenong Ranges.

While Kalorama’s general store and local sporting facilities officially mark the town centre, the focal point for visitors is the “Five Ways” junction where Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and Ridge Road meet. Here is a spectacular lookout which provides easterly views across Kalorama Park and down to the Silvan Reservoir. Across the road from the lookout is a cafe and the bushy Ellis Jeeves Reserve.

Access to Kalorama Park, which extends from the lookout and down a steep hill to Olinda Creek Road, is via Barbers Road. The park features a large rotunda, BBQ shelters, grassy picnic areas, colourful azaleas and rhododendrons, a variety of orchard trees scattered throughout the park, and several walking tracks.

The Karwarra Australian Plant Garden, across the road from the general store on the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, includes two hectares of landscaped botanic gardens featuring native wildflowers, floral displays, picnic areas, bush walking tracks, and an abundance of birdlife.

Kalorama offers visitors a number of cafes and stylish accommodation establishments which are tucked away in secluded spots along forest roads.

One Response to “Tusk Gallery at Fiveways, Kalorama”

  1. Georgie Berry

    What a great description of Kalorama. It is a unique and beautiful area with views not just to the Silvan Weir and Warburton Ranges, but also back to Melbourne. It is a location with a wonderful history.
    I tend to think of Tusk at Five Ways as a bit like Hermione’s hand bag from the last Harry Potter movie. It looks so tiny from the outside, but just keeps going and going once inside the gallery.
    Well worth the visit to check out the wonderful local artists!


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