More on Photographer, Horst Hamann

More on Photographer, Horst Hamann

As I said earlier. Tusk Gallery currently has 20 framed pieces by Horst Hamann scattered between our 3 galleries. They are 54×104 cm and well priced.
Here’s some more on Horst.
HORST HAMANN was born in Mannheim in 1958. During his work as a photographer has traveled to over 70 different countries. He first visited New York in 1979 and since then the city has held him in its thrilling grip. He spent five years working on the shots for the “New York Vertical” picture book that came out in 1996 – it won numerous national and international awards, such as the Kodak Photo Book Prize and the Photo Design Gold Award. The Museum of the City of New York has honored Hamann with a solo show. In 2003, EDITION PANORAMA first brought out the picture book “Panorama Deutsche Bahn”, and also launched the first calendar of the same name – in both, Horst Hamann offers a marvelous portrait of the high culture of railways. And Horst Hamann is publishing his vertical panorama photos of Paris – in the large-size volume entitled “Paris Vertical” and as a calendar. Horst Hamann lives with his family in New York and Maine.

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